Monday, October 11, 2010

A very good weekend!


Finally. Finally I've finished Reclusiarch for my Blood Angels army. There is 'only' 12 models to paint in my 1500 rooster. I'll push them very hard to finish it this year. Of course it won't be end of painting Blood Angels, oh no! I still have a lot of models to paint, like heros, Sanguinary Guards, Devastators, Tacticals and Dreadnoughts... If you want more views from this guy I recommend to check my CMON gallery - click here for more views of Blood Angels Reclusiarch.

I manage some time to start working on Necron Lord. What you see is the second attempt on green OSL on the chest. I finish the right part but wasn't hapy with end result so I repaint it with boltgun metal and started to work on the other site with different greens. I've to push him harder if I would like to attempt on Hussar 2010 with him.

Stay tuned for more.

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