Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello! loler's here:)
We're back from Hussar 2010:) and it was great. So many cool minis and dioramas. But what's best is that so many people loving this hobby could meet and talk in one place. We can all converse on forums which is great, but having a chance to talk face to face is really sth amazing.

The organisation was really good. Perfect timing in every aspect and some cool ideas by Warsawteam like painting lessons or speed painting competition- not an ordinary one because everyone could use only 3 random paints!

There were three of us on the event- Redav, DawiZharr and me.
I entered 3 minis: bloodcrusher which I painted for our last TBB competition, emperor's champion and empire standard bearer.
Emperor's champion won bronze in single SF category and standard bearer silver in fantasy single. I'm really happy of how it turned out:)
Redav also won sth but I guess he will write about it soon;)
Here's a photo of my trophies;)
And the winners (photos by chest of colors)Here are more official photos
That's all from me, maybe Redav will write sth more and post some of his photos.
Regards, loler


  1. Congratulations!!! Your minis was amazing in real, really great stuff. All of you brothers are great painters, but I know that before Hussar ;)
    Grats for everyone! See you on hussar 2011!

  2. I too hope we will see more of your minis on Hussar 2011 so wee will see you there or earlier hehehe