Thursday, January 17, 2013

Contepror Dreadnought


Some time ago I've decided to paint a model for pure pleasure. I wanted to do something different, to try other techniques, and the choice fell on the Conteptor Dreadnought from FW, I once bought at auction with the intention in adding it to my army.
Presented model is not much different in color from the rest of the army. It is also blue but painted using completely different technique, my intention was to juxtapose contrasts from white through three shades of blue to black.
Dirt and damage was also done another way, I used oil paints and dry pigments.
The model was placed on CoolMiniOrNot to my surprise received 8 positive comments and was one of the Top Last 7 Days.
I was asked what technique did the damage and where you can read about it.. This prompted me to write a short article about the use of oil paints in miniature modeling.
In the next post I will try to show you how to use oil paints and which should be avoided during application.

I hope you enjoy it this model.


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  1. I love how you got a model that looks like it has a shine, but also has dirt and grim. Super.