Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heavy metal in Warhammer 40.000 - secret project - Necrons

Today I want to show you something on which I'm working since July 2012. My big mistake was to take a White Dwarf with me to the sunny Turkey. Why you asked? Read my short post to find out.

It was White Dwarf with Necron Conoptek Wraith on the cover on which I fell in love. New models pay my attention. In June GW released Doom / Night Scytche and one month later two missing characters. The deal was done - Necrons were a complete army with all models from the codex beeing released.

After arrival I've 'printed' my army from GW's website and play few games with the new force. My opponents were rather suprised looking at my 100% wyswig necron army. ;)

Of course printer army was just a test how does Necrons work on the field. I've prepared an army rooster which contained 100 models. I painted my army in the Nihilakh Dynasty colors.
Main deck
  • HQ
Necron Overlord - 1
Lord with Resurrection Orb - 1
Lord /claws - 1
Imotekh the Stormlord - 1
Anrakyr the Traveller - 1
Trazyn the Infinite - 1
Nemesor Zahndrekh - 1
Vargard Obyron - 1
Illuminor Szeras - 1
Cryptek - 1
Orikan the Diviner - 1
Destroyer Lord - 1
  • Dedicated transports
Command Barge - 1
Ghost Ark - 1
Night / Doom Scythe - 2

  • Fast attack
Wraith - 6
Scarabs - 26
  • Troops
Immortal / Gaus - 10
Immortal / Tesla - 10
Warrior - 27
  • Heavy
Annihilation Barge - 2
Spiders - 3

Ghost Ark - 1
Tomb Blades - 5
Triarch Stalker - 1
Deathmarks - 20

Yesterday I've finished my first batch of the Immortals, so right now my army is painted (beside sideboard) in 50%.

I wanted to show you more close ups but after taking some pics my camera say "no" to the job. I'll provide good quality pics in a near future.

This week as a small break I'll work on the Librarian Ezakiel from the Dark Angels Chapter, so after my ruin tutorial I'll put some pics of painted librarian.


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