Thursday, January 24, 2013

Painting Dark Angels Ezekiel - part one

Last week I've started painting Dark Angels Librarian Ezekiel. Model from the dawn of time, but it doesn't look bad comparing to nowadays models. 

At the beginning I've an idea to try new color on the coat. Which in the end wasn't such a good idea, so I've repainted the coat.. three times. Each time with lighter tones. First aproach was with Snakebite Leather, second with bestial brown (shown on pics below). Dhebab Stone was the last paint  used on actual version as a base color.

Books were painted with the base of Scorched Brown, shaded with black wash and blended / highlighted with Bleached Bone. Power armour was painted with Regal Blue, shaded with black wash and highlighted with Ice Blue. All silver elements were painted with Boltgun Metal and were shaded with Seraphin Serpia, Ogryn Flesh and Devlan Mud washes (in order of painting).

For gold areas I've Citadel Layer: Hashut Copper. Gold paints from GW's range aren't so good at covering dark areas. Hashut Copper was then shaded with Agrax Earthshade. As for the highlights, I've used Shinning Gold and Mithril Silver.

Green shoulder pads were painted with Dark Angels Green, shaded with black paint and highlighted with Snot Green.

So far nothing special here. But for me it's nice to have (finally) a small break. This week I'ce planed to finish this mini at put it on ebay. Next week there will be two updates from my side - Necron gallery and Ezekiel's further painting steps.


  1. Hey impressive work!!!

    Can I know how you managed to paint such an impressive blue armor?

    Blue is my true nemesis, I hope you can help me beat it!! :P

    Thanks, mate.

  2. I like use blue colors. As for the recepie, on black undercoat paint regal blue or other dark blue color. Shade it with watered down mixture of regal blue and chaos black. Thin regal blue and start painting armour on the fields on which there should drop light, adding with every layer a little bit ice blue. The last layer, on the borders, is pure ice blue.