Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Akkylannie Griffons Inquisitor - WIP 1.0

I didn't posted something for a long time but now I have something that I want to show you. Some time ago I started my secret project for Master of Imagination but unfortunately I didn't have time to finish this miniature. It is a model form Rackham's Confrontation. I always loved Confrontation models and I think that was the best thing in this game. Ok now here you have some photos.

Dawno nic nie zamieszczałem ale teraz mam wam coś do pokazania. Jakiś czas temu zacząłem mój sekretny projekt na konkurs Master of Imagination ale nie miałem czasu aby go dokończyć. Jest to stary model Rackama do Konfrontacji. Zawsze lubiłem modele do Konfrontacji i poza zasadami był to najlepszy motyw tej gry. Ok a teraz fotki modelu :P

As you can see there is much work to be done on this model. I need to finish golden NMM and then I will be doing some smaller details. I plan to do some battle damage on his armor and weapon and then maybe some freehand on his cape.

Jak widzicie zostało mi jeszcze sporo pracy. Muszę jeszcze dokończyć złoty NMM a potem zajmę się mniejszymi detalami. Planuję uszkodzenia na zbroi i na złocie oraz freehand na płaszczu.

As for the golden NMM I wanted to test some other colors and I added some Vallejo Golden Yellow. What do you think ?? Does it look like gold ??

Jeśli chodzi o złoty NMM to tym razem poeksperymentowałem i do rozjaśnień dodałem Golden Yellow z palety Vallejo. Ciekawe czy wam tak pasuje?? Wygląda to jak złoty ??

Ok see you next time.


  1. Nice.

    Looking forward to see it finished!!

  2. This may sound off, but here is my take on the gold.

    It does not look like gold as much as it looks like it looks like gold.

    Not sure if that makes sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is obvious that you are painting gold on those parts, but the color choices were not as effective as needed.

    It seems that the yellow is too yellow and the brown shadows emphasize this.

  3. You could take the yellow out of the gold a bit by shading in places with some purple. Or you could do some cream colored glazes over the mid tones to kick the yellow back a bit. Either way it is almost there and just needs some more contrast. Great work!

  4. Thx for the positive feedback. I will try to correct the golden parts and we will see how this works. Thx for the advice.