Monday, July 8, 2013

Eldar Farseer

Hi there!

today I'd like to show you my Eldar Farseer.

As it's paited for Ebay I chose standard color scheme presented on GW site. It was a little bit boring for me, and nothing new to learn during painting so I decided to add more freehands to make it better. OSL on hand, some golden border line at the bottom of the robe (it's lolers thing and it fits perfect to almost every detail on the miniature :P ), runes at the sides and back of the cloak and tear under the right eye:)

The most important freehand on this mini was the black and white design at the bottom of the cloak. It was taken from the book Victorian Foliage Designs by James K. Colling. I bought this book in the "shop with cheap books" for around 10zł (it's about 3$). I highly reccomend this book to everybody who search for some freehands inspirations;)

for those who missed it we have some items on ebay, including farseer from above!


Dark Angels Librarian:

painted by Loler, photo below :)

cheers and to the next time!



  1. Hello!

    First comment here ^^ You've done great job and shot. I wonder how do you check you camera and witch objective do you use ???

  2. hi,
    I used Fujifilm finepix s5700 camera with a default lens. well, in fact this photos were my first that came good:) I just can't use this camera so i set it on manual mode and adjust shutter and aperture blindly as long as photos were good:D then some minor contrast and saturation in photoshop and done!


  3. Thanks! And congratulation for this shot !