Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gimiak's new project: Ork Kommandos Nob

Hi there,
 It's time to make a small break and paint something which is not necronish...My last that kind of a project was Ezekiel, painted in January 2013... Right now on my desk there is a small group of 13 Necron Warriors. They are airbrushed with Temple Guard Blue. Hopefully this lucky group of individuals will be finished till the end of the month. Going back to the model which isn't a necron, I'm going to paint a Nob from the Ork Kommandos group. Lucky for me I've this guy made from metal, so the cast is nice. Below are few shots of pre-shaded model. I've tried painting Orks long time ago, which in fact was my second attempt to WH40K (around 2001), but with this model I'll try to use all of my skills to achieve higher level than usual.

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  1. Crazy...I just started painting this fig too:

    Not that this is a contest or anything...or is it?