Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Master of Imagination

Long time no see:) I had some hard time during the university but now I'm finally on my holiday. Last weekend there was a competition- Master of Imagination in which some of us entered (me, Redav, Luk and our new brother!!! - soon more info on that). It was a great day, made some new friends, met the old ones and we even got some trophies:) Luk got first cut in large model (which was the hardest in the competition- Karol Rudyk and Bohun entered there and won gold and silver). Redav won bronze in the same category (congrats mate!) and I was lucky enough to get bronze in fantasy single, bronze in sculpt and silver in sci-fi single. I also won the speed painting competition:) As for the new Brushbrother- he also got a trophy but I'll leave it for him to tell you more:) The prizes were very nice, statuettes beautiful and the general atmosphere was brilliant. Unfortunately we didn't take any photos on the event. We were to busy talking to all the epic people we've met, but luckily there are some photos from the event on other blogs.
check out this review of the event on Paints of War blog:


Soon there will be an official coverage by White Tree (organizers of this competition- Thank you again Rakso and Ignis for making this event for us). I'll post it when it's done.

As for my miniatures I entered one of the miniatres I already posted here- a baby Cthulhu by maow miniatures. Also a sculpt of a little lonely robot (photos soon!).
baby Cthulhu

And as for single sci-fi (silver), here are some pics:

Librarian Janusz

That would be all for today:)
hope you enjoyed it!

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