Monday, January 24, 2011

After weekend thoughts - where the hell is my head?


This was a good weekend for my hobby. I spend around 7 - 8 hours on painting my assault squads. I almost complete bodies and bases. As my motivation drop down after preparing shades for six of them I've decided to paint only three models at once. And it was a good decision. I'll come back to them on Wednesday.

Additionally I manage some time to come back to my small ork warband. From the first fifth of boar riders I've cleaned and glued three of them. I've also search and try to adopt some ideas on how this wild guys should look like in 40th Millenium. I gave one of the boars engine exhausts from bikers, but IMHO it doesn't look cool and ork'ish. So this one model will be an experimental pig... I mean boar. ;)


1 comment:

  1. exhaust pipes in ass are awesome! But the idea of boar-bike is not so great. Maybe You should try to make it more steampunk, biomechanic (i think cybork is better word) or something...Also i don't like AssCannons attached to the body "just like that"