Friday, January 28, 2011

Death Company Dreadnought - painting idea


From the first time I saw new DC Dreadnought I got an idea on how to paint him. New model look gorgeous in my humble opinion. Before official release on GW website I didn't like it, especially Librarian dread. But looking at the sprues I have to admit - they look really, really great! Yesterday I was looking at GW painting scheme on their website and I put my ideas with small use of Photoshop. Below you will find my sheme, which I will try to achive while painting of the dreads.

What do you think about new Dreadnought kit?



  1. I really like the claws and eyes.

  2. Inspired by Tron? :)

    Like it, specially on the claws. Maybe the bigger cross should have a glow too?

  3. Not exactly. I didn't watch that movie. When I look at this model this kind of idea came to my mind. I've also paint the glowing X on the torso, but it doesn't look ok.