Saturday, January 8, 2011

bad days for my hobby;/

lately there were really hard times for my hobby. No time for painting and, what's worse, no motivation. I almost finished my Urien, just an hour or so to go. But I somehow cant get myself to finish it. This weekend I'll try my best.
After finishing Urien I'm planning to paint old Confrontation Prowler. Great model, I think, quite hard to get nowadays. I got it from a friend of mine. And with help of REDAV I can paint this guy (he romoved the old paint. thx mate ;) )
I hope I will be able to post some more stuff, so stay tuned for more
regards, loler


  1. No problem mate I'm always ready to help hehe. I hope you will find some time to finish Urien and to paint this sweet Prowler miniature.

  2. Motivation is sometimes a very big problem.
    I have that kind of blockade lately.
    Hard to fend of but i keep fighting no the less, unfortunately not able to finish old minis i just start new..

  3. I had a blockade while painting Sanguinor and I took me a month to finish him and to have some will to paint but now it's better. Sometimes its better to put painting aside and to do something else, (in my case I played a lot with my new Dark Eldar) and in time you can get back in to painting with renewed strength.

  4. Oh bout Dark Eldar, i was wandering is the new army any good? I read the codex few times and found some interesting stuff but when it comes to army composition i can't make up my mind

  5. In my opinion its a good army but not as good as Space Wolves. Almost any unit has its role and there are many possibilities in terms of army composition. On table they tend to die quickly because all vehicles a fragile and many units don’t have Fell no Pain from the start and with a 5+/6+ save they die from bolters but in close combat this army shines. Its not an easy army to play but I have much fun playing with them and it’s something fresh because playing Craftlworld Eldar was starting to be boring (because there are only few effective army builds).

  6. Here's how I got through my last painting block: just sit it out! Do not force anything, it will make the block worse and you won't be able to paint something decent.

  7. You might be right Corvus. I was really forcing myself with Urien... In the end I couldn't stand even 10minutes of painting him;P Lets see if I can get some motivation with next model or as you sad just sit it out;)