Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Evil Moonz


Ok, in December I've decided to collect a small warband of Orks for Wh40K. I've already cleaned and glued Nobz and Stormboyz. On Sunday I manage some time and I've cleaned and put together Stormboyz leader - Zagstruk. I'll use him as a regular Nob with power klaw. Really great model. A huge one.

I know that Storboyz aren't actually the best option in Orks arsenal but I like their models.
Next pack of characters, Nobz mob. I've decided to put two Nobz mobs in my warband - five from the Nobz box and five from Assault on the Black Reach. In February (or so) I will purchase a Trukk or Battlewagon for them as a dedicated transport.

My second Nobz mob will be warbikers... ehmm actually boar riders lead by powerful warboss - Gorbad Ironclaw. I'm still not sure where to put these dakka guns. This is one from my options.

Right now I'm slowly cleaning my boar mob. My goal is to have a fast and angry mob of orks not related with any of current clans. In March GW will be releasing new O&G models and looking at rumors I will be very happy when they release Savage Orcs in plastic. If they do so I'll buy few boxes to create a regular feral ork mob. ;]


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