Thursday, January 27, 2011

Further work on Feral Orks

Hi there,

From the begining of this week I have an earache, so after work I didn't have energy left to paint or even clean / model my Feral Orks. Until yesterday. I search throught my bitz box for some 'ideas', which could be applied on my boars. I take Flamer tank from Cadian Shock Troops and glued to the boar. Today I will scratch off skulls from it and put some ork glymphs created from plasticard. On the other side I glued twin-linked dakka guns, as described in codex. These boars will not have symmetry, but for me that's not a problem. Now what's bothers me is the exhausts. I have to put them somehow different and find a better idea than my first thoughts. I'll also give these animals some pipes here and there, just to create an image that this animal is well connected with eachother.



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