Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Laying the Foundation - Eldar Jet Bikers work in Progress


Some time ago I started painting some Jet Bikers for my eldar army. I painted 4 bikes but only 2 drivers. The time has come to finish the hole squad and paint more models for my army because I haven’t done it for a while.

I converted 2 drivers from Eldar Guardian and Dire Avenger parts because the old ones have identical poses. I left two old ones because I want some old school elements in my army and they will drive Shreeker Jet Bikes. As for the last bikes I chopped their Shuriken Catapults and added Shuriken Cannons so they will by my heavy weapon specialists. Here you can see the results.

As for the colors I’m playing biel-tan themed army so they should be white and green but I don’t like white and I wanted them to bee a little bit darker so I swapped White for Grey. Today I managed to paint only the base collors but toomorow I will start working on them so I hope to finish them quick.



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