Friday, January 21, 2011

Blood Angels Librarian finally painted


On Wednesday I've finally finish my Bloody Librarian. Unfortunately I didn't find enought amount of time to put a post on our blog. Below you can see him. I also make one picture compering to my former painting - Terminator Librarian from Space Hulk. With this mini I've chenged my color palette from regal blue (Term. Libr.) to Ultramarines Blue (libr.). If you got any questions or comments, feel free and write them. Now I'm finally working on my Assault Squads.

Few days GW put Stormraven Gunship and Furioso Dreadnought to advance order. Finally! Both kits look amazing! There is also an option to look at Stormraven in 360 degree. It looks pretty minialistic and not so bulky. I think I'll have a lot of fun painting them. Yes, them. I'm planning to paint two models at once. One in my darker color scheme, and one in typical Blood Angels color scheme.

As for the Dreadnought kit, I've also an idea on how to paint one Librarian Drednought. One regular Dreadnought is also waiting for my in a box of 'cleaned and prepared models'. So I'll work on them after I finish flayers.

Stay tuned for more.

Ps: I've shot few pictures of my army, so I will put new pics of it in a couple of days. :D


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  1. oh! really like the terminator one also! nicely done!

    Oh and can't wait to have the new Furiosos also!