Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy bee, busy bee... and a busy weekend

Uff... another weekend has pass away. My librarian is almost finished, so in this week I'll work with on my assault squads. I decided to make it hardcore and paint six models at once. This will be a great challenge for me. Some time ago I've painted five Death Company models and it wasn't an easy task to finish them 'quickly'. The problem is motivation, I think. Looking at my lazy speed I'm almost sure that I will work on them till the end of January. Or even better... That's pity. Sometimes I wish that I could paint faster... Unfortunately I'm unable to do this.

In a couple of days Stormraven will be available for advance order on GW site, so I'll study plastic frames and prepare myself mentally. I've decided to paint two models at once. One in a typical Blood Angels color scheme and one in my darker red scheme. Few days ago I spoke with one of the polish GW distributors, their worker actually, and he sad that in February there will be more than two products in Blood Angels second wave. I'm really looking forward for a new plastic kit... like Honour Guard. ;)

That's all from me for now.


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