Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to lose few bucks...


Not exactly lose but... Let me tell you something. Few days ago without hasitation I've purchased last two issues of the famous White Dwarf magazine. Till that day I was purchasing WH each month since... I don't two or maybe three years. Additionally I've buy few issues with how-to-paint articles 101. I never think of myself as a good painter and I was looking for inspiration, advice etc. in that kind of articles. I think they help me develop my skills a little bit. Of course I would like to paint better and I will force myself to work on that but these kind of materials could help people. Even these books from GW range "How to paint..." are a good, maybe a little bit to expensive, materials to learn new stuff. 'Painting clinic' or whatever they called are the most value resorces for me. In the last two White Dwarfs, for the first time, there is nothing good for me. Sorry, I'm not a Skaven player and all the new minis could be seen on GW website. Their battle reports... now that's a good joke. I really don't want to lose my free time reading this. There is a little bit of the Dark Eldar, which is logic to me, because it's almost a new army and they have to promote it well.

So IMHO if you are not a fanatical Skaven and Dark Eldar player you can spend your money on something else, like new figure or evan paint. This was the last time I purchase a White Dwarf without deeply looking inside. Probably I will purchase February's issue becose of the Blood Angels second wave. But before I will check if it's worthy to buy it. I don't want to be dissapointed again.

It's almost 2:45 a.m. I'm sitting in front of my painting desk and looking at my librarian. I've painted him for couple hours and he's finally started to look better. I've some ideas about the base for him, so maybe I will finish him... tomorrow. Hm... maybe not. I still have to prepare a backpack for him. The one from the blister was poor - regular backpack from tactical marines.

Ok, that's all from me for now. Stay tuned for more in near future. Hopefully Redav and Czys will reactivate themselves.



  1. I totally agree with you on the white dwarf topic. I collect Dark Eldar but there was nothing for me in those magazines. The only thing that is worth reading in White Dwarfs is the painting clinic and some painting galleries from Golden Demons but that’s all. As for the Librarian I think he will be one of your best works so I keep my fingers crossed hehe.

    P.S. I will reactivate in few days but after I finish my Chest of Colors mini exchange secret project.

  2. I agree, I came to the same conclusion a bit longer ago. I think it's been 1,5 years since my last WD. Sometimes I get inspiration for the magazine, but usually not. If you have read 5 painting tutorials, you have read them all.

    Like you I decided to use my money and time for something else!

  3. Sorry... ale nie wszystko rozumiem... co to jest "how-to-paint articles 101"?
    Czy to coś związanego z white dwarf?