Sunday, December 26, 2010


apart from painting minis I also like drawing. Today, after watching Donnie Darko (awesome movie:) ) I wanted to draw an eye with a skull inside... sth like that:)
ps. Tommorow I'll try to post some wip photos of my Urien. I did some metals and more skin. It's starting to look nice I think;)


  1. Well, well, well, it looks very nice. Donie Darko is one from my favorite movies. I purchase it long time ago in a metal tin. Quite interesting is it's soundtrack, which builds a great atmosphere. I suggest to check Donie Darko's webpage and information on wikipedia. These 28 days is an interessting number.

    There is also a sequel, I saw it on Media Markt, when I was in Aachen in Germany, but it doesn't look interessting. Does someone watch it?

  2. Also one of my favourites:) Love the soundtrack too. After watching it I read quite a lot about, but still need to check out it's website.
    About the sequel. I also haven't watched it but after seeing trailer on youtube and reading some reviews I decided not to watch it;/