Friday, December 31, 2010

Gimiak's last post...

... this year of course. ;] Well, I must admit that I'm a very slowly painter. Yesterday I've only finished librarian's staff and make some small correction on the left hand. That's it. Poor.

As for my previous post about choosing an army I've decided to colect Orks for Wh40k. They got a lot of fine detailed plastic models, cool poses, faces and sluggaz. I thought about an army rooster on Christmas and I decided to include some Nobz on foot, Stormboyz (15 - 20) and Nobz on warbikes... Actually not on warbikes but on cybork boars. There are new plastic Boar Boyz for WFB, which look very good, so I will use them as this unit. Ork army also need a powerful warboss! And there is one mini that fits this gap. A real warboss on boar, of course. The one, the only... Gorbad Ironclaw.

Maybe this army rooster will not be a powerful one, but I'll play it anyway. In March GW will realese some new minis for Orcs and Goblins for WFB, maybe I will find some other cool minis to include in my rooster intead of current minis. I always wanted to have a Feral Orks army. If there will be savage orks, then they will work perfectly as boyz. ;]

At the end I would like to wish you Happy New Year 2011.

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