Wednesday, December 15, 2010

game option scenic base

As I said some time ago I made a little tutorial about making wooden bases for models meant both for playing and display cabinets.
First you'll need some kind of wooden plinth. You can buy it in castorama or other shops like that.

I'll use a drill like that

I put it to the driller and made a shallow hole.
If you don't have acces to things like that you can make your slot using some kind of putty like milliput. (Picture below shows photo of the base I made for space marines lemartes)
when the hole was ready, using chisel, I started to slice of some wood, to make it look interesting.

Next step was to take some cork and tear to smaller pieces. They are going to be little rocks:)
I took some bark and bigger wood pieces that I sliced of the plinth (bigger rocks)
Using PVA glue I affixed all rocks, a skull I found in my bits box and then sand

Finally I placed one magnet on plinth and one on the base, so that it's safe now to look at the miniature while holding it in your hands without a fear that it might fall on the floor:)
The modeling stage was complete. The next step was to paint everything black. I used airbrush for that.
Then using some lighter grey I airbrushed it from over the top of the mini, which gave me some natural shadows. Then I did the same with lighter grey to have some bigger contrast.
After airbrushing I did some brown washes and some drybrushing.
...painted the skull...
and that would be everything for now;)
I decided to leave it like to until I finish the model. I'll add some dead grass, maybe some other plants and then I'll paint the sides black.
Here you can see 2 examples of my finished bases: lemartes and archon

I hope this will help anyone. Sry for any mistakes in my English.
Regards, loler


  1. Good job. I've been searching for this kind of drill for months, after which I lost my motivation. Definitely need to return to my search...

  2. Mahon: Już nie pamiętam kto od Was jest z Warszawy, ale widziałem dziś w Leroy Merlin (Arkadia) takie. Jednej firmy za 10zł, drugiej za 22. Nazywa się to frez puszkowy do drewna, średnica 26mm była :) Pod 40mm podstawki nie było ;)



  4. you can find the drill bit with any Cabinet parts - its known as a hinge cutter or hinge sinkers