Friday, December 17, 2010

Orks vs Tyranids!


This title may suggest you tat this will be a battle report, but it wont be. I've played Warhammer 40,000 for a while. I've started with Tyranids with the previous edition. I evan paint a lot of cosmic bugs but with this year's new Tyranid codex release I've lost my desire to paint and play them. I've put a lot of efford to paint them and three of my clients should be happy to include my former tyranids in their armies. Till now I'm very, very satisfied with Blood Angels. In my humble opinion they aren't as good as Space Wolves, Dark Eldar and/or Iperial Guard but this army have a good potential with lot of options. In February Blood Angels players and collectors will receive two new kits. I will deal with it later when GW put new models in Advance Orders section on their website.

Anyway I want to write something about Nids vs Orks, which will not be a battle report. For around one week I walk with my head in clouds thinking about second army for WH40K. I decided not to create a 'killer power gamer army rooster', which could be very boring thing. Instead of this I'm thinking to start collecting army for lower range of points (around 750 - 1000) created just for fun. Yes, a totally different aproach with the new army. I check all the fractions in WH40K range and only two (to this day) look ok for me - Tyranids and Orks. On the beginning I discarded IG, SW and DE because some of my friends already have that armies and I didn't want to collect something which is already 'present' in our area. Both armies (TYR, ORKS) have some cool models which is a small problem. Mycetic Spores and Tervigons are elements which I miss in Tyranid codex, so probably I'll start to collect Orks. With all these cool characters like Snikrot, Zagstruk, Deff Dreads, Killa Kans and other nice models I really looking on the green side of life. ;) I know that maybe I'll not paint all the Boyz but the rest I will paint for sure!

Different aproach

Till now army collecting 'method' was same both for Tyranids, Blood Angels and Lizardmen - in quick time buy huge amount of models. This method is a little bit frustrating. With new army I'll try to buy not more then one or two boxes for month - so this will be also a small challange or me and my will. We will see, we will see.
If I choose Orks, I'll start with one of my favorites - Deff Dread - as a first model.

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  1. good luck I tried to buy no figures last year to work on my lead mountain, I lasted till end of feb :)
    will look forward to following your new army which ever it is
    Peace James

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  3. Ork Mek army is lovely - if you include some FW models (like Mega Dred), it would be awesome... :)

  4. Actually I was thinking to put several different units. Deff Dread is one of them. So the army rooster looks like this:
    1 x Warboss
    20 x Stormboyz
    12 x Boyz + trukk
    30 x Boyz
    7 x Kommandos
    10 x Gretchin
    1 x Battlewagon
    15 x Lootas

    Something like that. It's around 1500 points. Ps: Does someone remember Feral Orks? I was thinking to put warbikers into boars. That could be nice. ;)