Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lugft Huron from Astral Claws - review

Hi there.

Me again. ;) Few days ago I've put a small review of one of the products from Forge World. Today I would like to continue my review looking deeply at Lugft Huron from Astral Claws. It looks very nice on FW website, but does it look that good in real life?

Standard FW transparent bag.

Complete kit

... and what do we get here? A "small" 1mm deep mold line...

I find that quality of this kit is very low. Elements on banner are... flat. This horrible mold line scares me a lot. I'll paint him next year, but before I could do it I've to prepare this model and I'm sure that cleaning part will take a lot of time.

Yesterday I manage a little amount of my time to paint my poor assault squads. Tomorrow I'll finally finish three of them. I've to paint backpacks and shoulder pads. The rest is painted. Ok, thats all of now.



  1. A lot of people think that ForgeWorld only offers high-quality miniatures, because of the price. But as this article shows you can have bad luck and have a miniature from an old/shifted mold, just as with any other manufacturer. Does this make them a bad manufacturer? No. Can we expect better quality for that price? Maybe.

  2. After some bad experiences with Forge World models, I've decided to no longer use any resin. It frequently needs a lot of cleaning done and filing and drilling resin is bad for your health so that makes a bad combination. They're too fragile for gaming anyways.

  3. The problem here is that I purchased this mini thru someone else and right now, as a buyer, I'm not able to ask FW for any kind of solution. Unfortunately. I can only hope that I'll be able to clean this dirty guy. I've also a bad experience with MK Veterans. Body, legs, arms and weapons look nice but there are big molds on the heads, which look totally bad. So maybe I just didn't have luck. The best experience I've with plastic figures. It's ease to clean, glue etc. Give me more plastic models! ;)

  4. FW has some really nice kits, too sad the quality is not really there most of the time. You get charged A LOT for (most of the time) bad quality product made in China, that come out without any quality check; takes a lot of time to come by your door at an awfull price (and whoever in space charges you a flat % of your order in shipping charges anyway)

    FW... not

  5. A real shame! My version was almost perfectly cast other than the scale hanging from his groin that is too thin and almost perforated. I think that either their casting procedure is hit or miss or their quality control is poor. Good luck with that one though you could try sending it back.