Saturday, December 4, 2010

MAGISTER SEVRIN LOTH and HG pack - review

Hi there,

Since dawn of time Forge World offers products which expand GW's WH40K miniature range. I didn't know anything about their products quality before I purchase Death Company's Rhino hatches. For around 10GBP plus few polish 'goldies' spend on it I was a little bit dissaponted. Recently they have put Magister Sevrin Loth and his honour guard for sale. This kit bothers me from the day they annouce it. This month, thanks to Hobbyt from Gloria Victis forum, I could finally put my hands on it.

The whole kit is a mix of resin and plastic. In the pack you receive complete Space Marines Command Squad (three frames, bases) plus resin parts to create Loth (body, 2 shoulder pads, two hands and back pack) and elements to create his honour guard. For the honour guard you receive:
4 x complete torso
8 x shoulder pad
4 x head
2 x power weapon
1 x banner

36 GBP plus shipping cost is not a small amount of money, but in my humble opinion this kit is worth of his price. You receive few really cool elements which could be used with your marines. Especially the torsos, heads and shoulder pads looks stunning. Parts from librarian Sevrin Loth are totally superb. I like librarians and maybe that's why this complete kit fits me, but if you're thinking about upcoming christmas gifts... this could be a very good one. I also purchased LUGFT HURON from Astral Claws, but I would like to write more about this kit in near future.

Ps: Since few weeks I've some serious job to do and my time is very limited. I'm (very) slowly painting my assault squads... I was hoping to finish them this year but looking at the size of my duties I'm sure that they will be finished in January 2011. One I'm sure, in the week of Blood Angels Storm Raven's realese I'll put all my efforts to paint this flayer in one week!

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