Thursday, December 30, 2010

Librarian and plans for first quarter 2011

Hi there,

On the begining I would like to post my progress on librarian with staff and book.

Today I'll further continue my work on him. As for 2011 first quarter plans... Well, I do have a lot of miniatures to paint but I've already choosen miniatures which I would like to paint. So here is the current list of models which I would like to paint in first quarter of the next year:
- 1 x librarian with staff and book (I'm sure I'll not winish this guy today)
- 3 x Assault Squad members
- 3 x Tyranid Raveners (plastic)
- 3 x Assault Squad members (the last ones from my first army rooster)
- 1 or 2 Stormravens (one in red color scheme, one in black (DC) color scheme)
- 1 x Imperial Guard Nork Deddog Ogryn Bodyguard.
I'll be very happy if I could finish these models in three months. Tyranids Raveners will be for sale. The last model - Nork Deddog - is an old IG model, which I would like to put in a small diorama. So stay tuned for more of my (boring) posts. :P


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