Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gimiak's 2010 summary


2010 is almost over and I think it is the best time to look back and make a small summary of a painted models in this year. Till today I've painted:
* for Blood Angels army:
- two Drop Pods
- three Razorbacks
- three Baal Predators
- one Landraider
- one Sternguard Veteran
- one original Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost (old model)
- ten Death Company models
- one Space Hulk Terminator #2
- one Reclusiarch / Chaplain
- nine Assault Squad models
* other:
- one Lizardmen Scar Veteran
- one Lizardmen Skink Warchief 1
- one Dwarf Lord 'tired after battle'
- one Daemons of Chaos Blood Crusher
- one Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb

So if I count correctly that makes 37 models. I'm satisfied with this number. I was hoping to finish my assault squads this year, but I couldn't make it. I've to make better pictures of each squad and put them on blog. Tomorrow I'll put my plan for first quarter of 2011.

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