Sunday, December 19, 2010

Libriarian's book

I don't know about you guys but I very like weekends. It's not that I'm not going to work, because I work at home, but on Friday and Saturday night I'm able to find some time and paint miniatures. I'm very happy about upcoming holidays, hopefully I'll have more time to paint. This Friday I've started to work with my librarian. In this configuration maybe he isn't a great playable character but since I've started to work on my Blood Angels I always wanted to paint him.

I decided that I'll paint him without help of an airbrush. I know that using airbrush I could paint this guy maybe better but my goal is to improve my painting skills. And painting the whole armour with regular brush is a good method, I think.

My previous Librarian's power armour was painted in deep blues (regal blue, shaded with badab black). This time I've started to work with Enchanted Blue, which I will mix with Space Wolves Grey.

For the book I've used Vermin brown as a basis and shade it with Asuremen Blue. Pages were painted with Dhebab Stone, which was shaded with Devlan Mud and Khemri Brown. On one of the pages I'll try to paint a holy grail using one of the Loler's tutorials (Freehand).

If you got any questions or sugesstions, please don't hesitate to ask or write them down.

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