Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eldar Jet Bike Squad - at last finished :P


Finally I have managed to finish my Jet Bikers and I'm happy with the result.

I painted them as my gaming models but I wanted to make them interesting so I came up with those cracks so you can see them at first glance. I haven’t converted those two drivers because I wanted to have some old ones in this unit and the will stand out a little from the rest and it will be easy to see those weapon specialists.

And here you have a family photo of the whole squad.

Now I'm working on some Eldar Guardians because my army needs to be painted ^_^.


  1. Outstanding work yet again. I wish all my jetbikes were that awesome. The cracks are very imaginative and excellently done, same with the rider poses in the last picture.


  2. Really nice. it's good to see another of your squads painted. In a near future we will be able to finally play games with full painted armies. This will be outstanding. ;)