Monday, February 14, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 8: Highlighting reds, weathering

6 hours of painting has quickly pass away. I'm in a middle of weathering phase. Model have started to look more realistic, but there is a lot of work for me to finish this 'little' guy. Till Friday I'll try to paint as much as I can - hopefully finishing weathering. Right now you don't see any 'rusty gold' on it, I'll work on that this weekend. I wanted to try something new with it, but first I've to try it in a Photoshop. It's much more easier to correct mistakes. ;)

Beside painting this weekend I've cleaned and assembled together a Death Company Dreadnought, which I'll paint in a near future together with a regular Dreadnought with missile launcher and plasma cannon. But first there will be my last assault squad. Now I've to look at my bits box for a missile launchers for my devastator squad...


I've painted so called 'stains' with a watered down chaos black and scorched brown mix with slight brush strokes (Citadel Largu Brush). After that I add fortress grey paint to this mix and paint with the same method strokes on the whole model. The last coat was pure watered down fortress grey.

After taking off masking tape I've emphasized the bottom edge with a bleached bone mixed with a very small drop of blood red paint. So far, so good.

Time spended so far: 17h

Cleaning, modelling and assembling: 7h

Painting: 10h


  1. Nice weathering, when I first saw the pics, I was going to ask wich pigments and medium did you use. Then I read how you made it. Nice job!! Looks awesome! ;D

  2. Weathering is not yet finished, I will also use vallejo pigments after I finish all other elements, a step before protecting model with satin varnish. Stay tuned for more! ;]