Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 6: Priming


Till today I didn't have time to put new pics from weekends painting sessions online. Now I will change it. On Friday night I was finishing my second assault squad. I will put picture of the entire squad in a couple of days.

I choosen to make hurricane pattern bolters / hatches on magnets. I cut a plasticard pole and put two 5 mm x 5 mm inside and glue it inside of Stormraven Gunship body. Maybe it doesn't look super but it was an easy way to me to have that kind of an option. Hurricane pattern bolters are IMHO a little bit overproced but I wanted to do it anyway. When the glue dries I wash up the whole model with water and soap. After couple of hours when the water dried I've primed the whole model with Chaos Black spray.

The next step was applying weathering 'rust' – first coat: Dark Flesh paint, second coat: Vermin Brown paint, third coat Blazing Orange. Next I've applied a masking fluid (Maskol) with sponge.

When the Maskol dried I've started with applying the base color (Scab Red) with an airbrush. The last coat airbrushed on top was Blood Red.

So far that's all what I've done. Next step will be shading, highlighting and weathering, which I will do in this weekend.


  1. This is gonna be a really interesting tutorial.

    Keep on that incredible job ¡¡

    PS: Are these the same steps you used for your other BA tanks??

    PS2: When painting tanks I use matt and gloss varnish to apply decals and oils, and I see they change my red tones. Do you use any of them on your BA army? wich ones?

  2. My tanks are painted in similar way. After painting I'm using Citadel Satin gloss varnish.

  3. Thanks for your answers.

    Why didn´t you use the black priming for the scratches as in the other tanks??

    By te way, how do you normally paint tracks and similar metal parts?

    Eagerly awaiting for the next steps..xD.