Friday, February 25, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 9: Further weathering - part one


It's been some time when I post new information about my Stormraven Gunship project. Unfortunatelly I didn't have time to paint anything and secondly my laptop goes crazy with DVD and monitor, so I was forced to send it to a repairing service. Now I'm working on a, I don't no for sure, 7" screen with an old Asus. Keyboard is dedicated to people with tiny fingers... This will be hard 14 days for me.

As for the log, here is the first part of pictures. I have worked with masking fluid from Winston. IMHO the best medium for this job.

 I do have problems with writing with this small keyboard, so I've prepared more pictures for you. First using a sponge from bliter with metal miniatures I've applied Masking Fluid on all ailerons, elevators and rudder.

When masking fluid dries I've started to stipple Tin Bitz, followed by Shinning Gold, Shinning Gold + Mithril Silver 1:1 mix, and finally Mithril Silver. I recomment to check our tutorials section for more information about 'rusty gold' technique.

Using blue tac (or simmilar medium) I've started to ripping off the masing fluid.

So far, so good. Yesterday I have started to work with 'rusting the engines', I've made couple of shoots, but I'll post them tommorow.

Stay tuned for more.

Ps: I'm really happy about my 4 days furlough. Four nights of painting. I'll try to finish main  body and prepare all other elements for painting.


  1. Have you ever tried this technique in reverse? ie painting on battle damage and rust in key areas, masking and then spraying on your red coat. You could remove the masking as your final stage after highlighting etc to reveal the damage in the midst of your otherwise smooth paintwork.

    Just a thought.

  2. I actually figured you were doing it the way GDMNW suggested, so when I did my one (and only for right now) drop pod that how I did it. I wasnt doing the metallic underneath though, just a primer grey color. I'm happy with how it came out though.