Monday, February 7, 2011

Michal Gmitrasiuk: Hobby Hero; Blood Angels

Hi there,

On Saturday I've given you a link to GW website to my army on their webpage. Around two weeks ago, after officially anouced Blood Angels second wave our brother Czys send me following text from GW website:
We plan to show a lot more of the Blood Angels over the next couple of weeks, plus plenty more besides! If you have a Blood Angels army then feel free to send us an email with a few pictures and some text about how you made them.
I've made few pics and send them with no hope for publication. After two days
picture of one of my tanks have been published. More on that, they ask me to make a better pictures, which could be shown a day before officiall Blood Angels second wave release. Additionally I've written text which include my short story with warhammer 40k, painting tips and army roosters. Till friday I didn't belive that they will actually publish it. Friday suprise me a lot, especially with thi "Global Hobby Hero" title. In my humble opinion I'm not worthy to carry this title, there are a lot o really, really good painters (Raffa from Massive Voodoo for example, also a Blood Angels enthusiast).

Unofrtunately GW didn't publish all of images which I've sended to them, especially Land Raider Crusader is an (IMHO) epic tank.

In a near future I will continue with my Stormraven Gunship log and additionally I'll publish the rest of the pictures. Below you can view print screens from Fridays GW post.

Michal "Gimiak" Gmitrasiuk ;)


  1. Congratulations, what a beautiful army you've got. I've been following it here on Brush Brothers for some time and was happy to see it on the GW site. It deserves such attention.

  2. Gratz making the GW site. Was glad to see it, your stuff looks amazing.

    The drop pod in the middle, is it for the dread? Just curious what all you did to convert it, other than remove the fins.

  3. No, I just didn't finished the fifth Drop Pod. I still have to paint its wings. This DP is dedicated to Sternguard Veterans. I'll work on that after finishing other stuff (Stormraven Gunship, two dreadnoughts, 3 guys from assault squad). ;)

  4. i am totally in love with your gritty and dark style.