Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shield freehand step by step

As I said I made some sbs pics of FH I made on some chaos shield. There are lot's of photos so I won't talk too much:P

First some shading of the background of fh. Used few layers and then glazes to make this. Didnt really pay attention fot smoothness as it's just a background.

some red/purple glazes to make some simple shadow of what is going to be there
I started to paint basic shapes of the demon using space wolves grey

and then started to paint some black contours.
I didn't like it so shortened it's jaw a little bit

looks better, I think.
started to work on the skulls, the base color was graveyard earth
... lighted with graveyard+skull white

highlighted with more white, and then some shadows with graveyard+chaos black
also started to higlight the demon, using skull white.
ok, now there will be some better photos, they were made the next day, and the weather was much better;)
I painted eyes using blood red.
On skin I was using regal blue, warlock purple and blood red, clean and mixed, to achieve different colors of glazes
more glazing...
...and more
made white pupils and cleaned the area around the face
the next step was painting wings. Dont know if it was a good move... Maybe Ill replace them with sth. still not sure.
basic shape with space wolves grey
the membrane was made using dwarf flesh+space wolves grey
shaded with some random glazes I found on my palette:) mostly purple and blue...
and thats all... I was wondering what to do to make it more interesting, and Rothand from Rothand Studio sugested this(he made in some computer program, it's not my painting):
and I think It looks much better... will definietly do sth like that. Thx mate:)

hope you liked it
cheers! loler


  1. Nice tutorial my friend. I know that you have also try salt weathering technique on your Blood Angels squad. Maybe you could prepare something about this method. I would really like to try it on my dreadnoughts. ;]

  2. Thank you for commercial! ;)
    Nice tutorial Loler!
    As Gimiak said - this technique is nice and i also woud like to see it on other models.
    Lord who will get this shield will be awesome.

  3. Very nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

    -- Mahoń

  4. Hi.
    happy you like it.
    I'll try to write sth about it, don't know when, but I'll try;)