Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two bikes finished and two more to go - Eldar Jet Bikers WIP

Ok I finally had some time to finish those bikers and now I will post some :D. Ok I managed to finish all drivers and now I'm painting the last two jet bikes.

Here you have some photos :thumbsup:

Two complete Bikers

Two bike drivers for shreeker jet bikes.

One of those jet bikes didn’t go as planed and I’m not entirely happy with his canopy but I didn’t wanted to repaint it because they are only for playing purposes. I hope you wont kill me for this heheh ;)

Grey parts ware made using:

- the base color was Adeptus Battle Grey

- shades ware made using a mix of Adeptus Battle Gray and chaos black (proportions 1:1)

- first highlight was made using Fortress Grey,

- then I used a mix of Fortress grey and skull white (1:1),

- the final highlight was made with white - I made it only in few places.

Green amour was made using:

- Orkhide Shade as base color,

- Orkhide Shade with some Regal Blue (2:1) for shades,

- Dark angels Green as first highlight,

- Vallejo Goblin green as next highlight,

- final highlights war made using Rooting Flesh.

Brown leather parts ware made using;

- Bestial Brown as base color,

- shades war made using a mix o Bestial Brown and regal blue (1:1),

- first highlight was done with Snakebite Leather

- next highlight was made using a mix of Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone (1:1),

- final highlight was made using Bleached Bone,

Blue gems and sword wars made using:

- Necron Abyss as shade and base color,

- Regal Blue as first highlight,

- Enchanted Blue as next highlight,

- next up was a mix of enchanted blue and skull white (1:1),

- Skull White for blinks and final highlight.

I hope this will help you fellow painters and let me know what do you think about those miniatures.



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