Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 2: Cleaning

Hi there,
So I choose to continue my way and prepare Stormraven Gunship. Yesterday, when I open the huge box from SRG I realised that cleaning this kit will take me a little bit longer then I've expected. This week I'll focus on cleaning, assembly and paint only on flayer in my dark red colors. I'll work on the second SRG when I finish the first one.

Four big frames in a box which is similar to batleforce boxes... A lot of elements and not so unusual manual. I think this is the complex vehicle I've ever work with. The first one will be a crucial run for assembling and painting. The next one will be easier. And I'm planning to paint at least three - two for BA and one for Grey Knights. Looking at painted SRG for Grey Knights I wanted to paint it again with a different aproach on colors. But with this one I'll work on March.

Speaking about Grey Knights, I'm very curious about the new codex. Maybe I'll think about new army (again) if the new models look fine and if they'll be in plastic.


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