Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Savage Orcs in March 2011


Me again. Last week GW annouced new models for Orcs and Goblins Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I heard rumors about new Savage Orcs, but what I saw last week was... Ehm... New models look very elegant and well doned. They look so cool that I'll use them in WH40K as a regular boyz. Of course all depend on the sprue options but looking at the faces and poses I really want to 'hire' them for my 'feral orks warband'.

As for the Savage Orcs Boar Boyz... Damn! Another addition to my warboar mob. New boars look very wild and nice. In a break of painting Blood Angels I'll prepare and show to you my secret project. It want be neither BA and neither Orks project. When I look at the new boars in my mind came an idea... You have to by patient, you might be suprised.

The last model on which I would like to speak a little bit is Great Shaman on Boar. Another excelent model from the new range. A great example of a Painboy. Yes, yes. I will use him as a Nob Painboy. I'm really happy that I didn't purchase the former Shaman, because with this one I'll be able to make good conversions.


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