Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gimiak's log - day 1: New minis arrive

Hi there.

Yes, yes, yess... Today, few days before offical release, I put my hands on new plastic Dreadnought and Stormraven. Both models, I mean sprues, look awesome! It is tempting me to start cleaning Death Company Dreadnought. Today in the afternoon I'll decided what to paint. Looking at my 'free time' I must say that two Stormravens will be too much for me, so if I'll choose it I'll paint only one model. It's huge god damn it!

Additionally I manage to paint further my assault squad - three guys are almost complete.

Before I start with new mini - SRG or DC Dread - I will finish them completly. I was also working on my boar boyz, but till the end of my creation I will not provide here any wip pics of them. ;)


  1. Możesz zrobić taki step by step dla Blood Angels?

  2. Pewnie, że mogę. Aktualnie maluję model nie do armii, toteż taki poradnik może się pojawić dopiero za ok 2 tygodnie. Do pomalowania mam normalnego dreada.