Friday, February 11, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 7: Painting silver parts

Three days ago I make another step in painting my Stormraven Gunship, I spend two hours of painting and washing (Badab Black) almost all of the silver parts. Today is Friday, so I'll sit around 10 p.m. to my flayer and put a lot of rust to these parts. I'll also try to give some shading and highlighting on this model. Progress will depend on my health state.

Time spended so far: 11h

Cleaning, modelling and assembling: 7h
Painting: 4h


  1. It´s taking a great look.

    Wich base metallic colour did you use?

    And why this time you did not choose the black as base for scratches, like you did in other BA vehicles?

  2. Boltgun metal, Badab black wash so far.

    I wanted to try something different, tomorrow expect more pictures. It's really starting to look nice.