Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yellow-grey marine- some step by step pics

Some time ago I was asked to make a step by step on how I paint my yellow-grey marines. Below you can see how I made their armour parts. Also took photos from painting face but I'll post them in few days.
sry for the pics, there are a few out of focus...

the first step was to paint everything with some medium grey (space wolves grey + chaos black) I made some highlights using few layers of lighter mix of SW grey and black, up to pure SW. Then I made some deeper shadows, using more black.
the next step was to make it look more smooth. I used glazes using some previously mixed paints.

when it was smooth enouch I painted edges of the armour with SW grey+ some skull white

Made some ice blue glazes to make it more interesting, pure grey was boring in my opinion.
Then I started to paint battle damage. I mixed blood red, chaos black and bestial brown for the base color of scratches.

then, with pure black I painted all the upper edges of battle damage.
and with skull white+some SW grey all the bottom edges. It then looked more 3D and real:)

With watared down snakebite leather I made some dirt and stains.
Then I prepared some dry pastels- light and dark brown and some rusty red.
starting with dark brown I put on some pastels with old and big brush (size 3). Then the same with light brown and finally red.

I mixed some snakebite leather and chaos black and painted few lines (those will be shallow scrathes)
and gently highlighted them with some light grey;)
That's all for grey;]
yellow (or beige?:P )
First a basecoat of bleached bone
made some shadows using layers of bleached bone + snakebite leather, up to pure snakebite.

then, with glazing with some mid colors I smoothed it (it's basicly the same as grey but with different colors...)
Higlighted it with skull white and bleached bone mix
Then using the same method as in grey I painted battle damage.
Did some stains using watered down bestial brown
and also same as in grey I put on dry pastels.

and thats all for now:)
here you can see how this guy looks right now.
and a close up of face. As I said I'll post another step by step showing how I painted it.
hope you like it!


  1. Niewyobrażalnie fantastyczne. Zęby na marines? Odlot, nie wierzę w lupię, więc po prostu masz opanowany pędzel do granic wytrzymałości. Będzie wyglądał epicko!

  2. This is one of the most awesome step by steps I've seen.
    One suggestion: the pastel bits are difficult to see and describe you may want an article just on that topic (soz if u have already :p)
    Well done *pat on the back +1*

  3. Great! I'm just going to paint my BA this way and here you come with this tutorial :) Thanks!

  4. Thx guys, happy you like it.
    Russ, I could make one someday... but right now I don't know when... quite a lot to do, and not much free time. But I'll think about it.
    here I took some more photos about it---> http://thebrushbrothers.blogspot.com/2010/05/battle-damage-tutorial.html

  5. Incredible tutorial. Fantastic.

    Did you use the retarder liquid you showed in a past tutorial to blend the colours or only water?

    Now if anyhow you could manage to show us the paint dilution and how you give each layer on the mini , perhaps we could make it a little closer to your level..xD

  6. Thinking about my previous comment, I have thought:

    What we really would need are little technique videos, about 2 or 3 minutes, not more, with good light filming you as you take the paint, dilute it (to see the famous "milk consistency") and how you apply each glaze layer in a place.

    I think that is the most demanded explanation about painting all over the net (as pics based tutorials are all around).

    Thanks anyway and keep on showing your minis.

  7. Hi
    That's a really good idea for tutorial. And yes, would be much better if it was a movie. The problem is that I don't have camera;/
    I will ask some people though, mayby someone will lend me...;)

    "Did you use the retarder liquid you showed in a past tutorial to blend the colours or only water?"
    If you mean wet blending tutorial then it wasn't me who made it, but Redav;). Here I haven't used any retarder, only water.