Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hussar 2011!

Hello there:)
Last weekend me and REDAV went to Warsaw to take part in Hussar 2011 (biggest polish competition). Lovely event:) it was great to meet all the painters again, talk about miniatures and other not related stuff:)

As for the competition, there were lots of beautiful miniatures, painted by great painters such as Ańa, Mahoń, Camelson, Flameon, C'tan, Sławol, Karol Rudyk, mr. Denial, Kacpero, Ignis and Rakso and many, many more, all willing to win. The trophies were Hussarettes (picture below) but the main award was sponsored by CoolMiniOrNot and it was a return ticket to Chicago for next year's Crystal Brush competition.

Hussar wasn't only a competition. There were other atractions:)
the first were sculpting classes Robert Kurek (sculptor of the Hussarettes). Great fun, I made a bust and Robert said it was great!:) I'll post the bust pics later:)

Robert teaching:)

Then there was a speed painting competition organised by Warsaw Team. Last year it was great. This year, even better! We all had to paint high elf spearman within 45 minutes. But to make it more interesting we had 2 paints... then, after 8 minutes those paints were changed for some other, random colors. Then again, and again...;) I really liked it, and I was lucky enough to win second place:)

me, painting a spearmen:) (in the center)
then there were painting classes with Ańa and Camelson.
Next atraction was giving free gifts to random paricipants:) After that we were all waintg for the final verdict. I was extremely happy when I heard that I got bronze in Diorama and gold in Single SF!
And the winner of Grand Prinx and flight to Crystal Brush 2012 was Flameon. Congratulations mate:)

Then was an after party:) we all had some more time to talk in a company of refreshing and cold beer (REDAV couldn't drink, he was driving a car :D)

and here are my entries
Inguisitor Lok. Gold in Single SF

Space Marine squad. Bronze in Diorama
Here is >>gallery link<< with all the works from Hussar 2011.

That would be all:) Hope to see some of you on next year's Hussar. Mark it on you Calendar, October 2012!!:)


PS. In 2 weeks there will be Master of Imagination competition (during Mad Days). I need to paint quickly if want to enter something new:)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lizardmen Slann, Skienk Priest and Scar Veteran wip pics


I didn't post anything for some time, I was busy painting lizardmen. Mainly for the Hussar painting contest... Unfortunatelly my motivation drop down when I receive a massage last week that on 22nd October I've to go to work. After that massage I've decided to continue painting my models to the TT standards. Below are my effords.

When the Scar Veteran will be finished I'll continue my works on the Blood Angels. As for the future plans, till December I'll work on my four open projects for BA army. On the last month of this Year I'll assamble and paint Dreadfleet.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lelith Hesperax - late WIP


It was a long time that I posted something here. I started to paint that Kaldor Dragio model that I mentioned earlier but during painting I didn't have the strength to paint that model and maybe its because some time ago I painted 5 Grey Knight Terminators. I wanted to paint a good sculpt and I have chosen the new Lelith Hesperax model. I like this model because she is dynamic and has nice details and also is a part of my Dark Eldar army.

I wanted her to have some oldschool colors because I started playing Dark Eldar when they ware red and not so dark as now. Here you have some photos of how she looks like now.

The is lots of work to do and I must fix some things, model and paint the base.

Stay tuned for more progress.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Time no see

Haven't been writing anything for a long time becouse of Games Day and lack of time. Just wanted to show you I'm still alive, painting:) Here are 2 out of 5 of my entries for this year's GD UK. All of my entries got to the first cut round but none of got recieved a Daemon. Pictures are poor;/ I'll try to take better when I'm home again (this or next weekend).MORE PICTURES OF DALAMYR

Now I'll be painting sth for Hussar 2011. Want say anything about the entry right now though, you have to wait till the event:)


Saturday, October 1, 2011


We haven't posted anything on our blog for a long time, so now let me show u my second mini from panoceania (Infinity by Corvus belli). The white stripes on the side of the base are indicators of line of sight. Hope u'll like her.




P.S. Loler will post some stuff about his trip to GD UK in a few days.