Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dark Ritual on the way - a Sorceress WIP

It is time to post some photos of my Dark Elf Sorcerers project.

I have painted the rest of hers skin, her hair and some material parts. I must correct some parts because I’m not entirely happy with the but the work has the right direction hehe. Stay tuned for more.

painting continues

Hi. This week is looking very nice. From the beginning I was able to paint, due to the temepature isn't hot as it was in last weeks. Below you can see current status of one of the Baals.

The other two are step behind. Hopefully I will paint them in upcoming days. Looking at current status I know that I'll not be able to paint the crew this week. Thanks for looking and till next time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eldar Jet Bikers - 2 complete and 4 to go !!!



I finally completed 2 Jet Bikers. I managed to paint 2 more bikes but the drivers need to be painted.

Now I want to have a small brake from Eldar and I'm painted a Dark Elf Sorceress.
I like this sculpt very much and so far I have much fun painting her. I will post more WIP photos of her so u can see the work progressing. I wanted her skin to be pale because she is and dark elf and I don’t think they have much sunlight I Nagaroth hehe.

For her skin i used:
1. Tallarn Flesh - base color.
2. a wash from watered down tallarn flesh/blood red/regal blue (2:1:1) mix - to make deeper shadows,
3. from this point i started to build the highlights with a mix of Tallarn Flesh/Bleached Bone (1:1),
4. I added more highlights of pure bleached bone
5. and finally I highlighted it with pure Skull White.

The effects you can see on her back photo.

Stay tuned for more.


Monday, July 26, 2010

noobish OSL

Hi, time to show that Czys is still alive.
As I continued on assembling my IG valkyrie an idea of glowing monitors and other indicators came to my mind. I saw some great work on CMON. Unfortunetly I never made anything with OSL (object source light), so I had to try new technique on something old- my decision was chaos sorcerer painted about 1 year ago. Here's how it looks now.

Effect on the 1st pic looks more like he'd paint his eyes (women does that, but unfortunetly for me he's not slaanesh follower)... On the other hand I think that effect on the 2nd pic is to weak.
Gosh, I hope that my valkyrie will look better after that experiment.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress so far - Baals


I know that some of you will badamn me for this words, but I will wrote it anyway. Thanks to the raining weekend I was able to put a little progress in my tank painting section and below you can view my current status. The other two tanks are 'one step behind' but there is a high chance that I will finish them this week. We will see, it's all depends on the weather.

Till next time.

The youngest collector?


Today I've put something different then usual. Below you can see me and my son watching Daemons Skulltaker and Warriors of Chaos Hellcannon models. He was very curious, especially with Hellcannon. I think this little guy is an upcoming Warhammer player. ;)

"Till next time and enjoy painting."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baals in progress II

Hi. Me again. Gimiak

I did small progress with my Baals. I finally manage to rip off all of the masquing fluid from all parts of my tanks and started to paint 'highlights' on the bottom of chipped paint. Below you will find few pics showing you how to achieve this effect. If you're working with non black base you schould also consider to paint dark thinly line on the upper sections

I'm hoping to find enought time in upcoming weekend to push my tanks further.

I'm also consider to change color scheme on sponsons from black to 'rusty' on all three Baals. It might look nice. I'll paint one and check how does it look in 'real' life. Here's an example.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello ^_^.

I managed to do some progress with my Eldar Jet Bikers and if it wont be to hot tomorrow I will finish 2 whole models and another 2 Jet Bikes.

Here you can see some photos of those buggers.

At this stage I need to do:

- freehands,
- Gems,
- Bases,
- and a little cleaning, retouching.

So how do you like them ??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting Baals with airbrush, next step of weathering

Hi, me again. Gimiak

Yesterday it was a nice day for painting. Especially for me, I don't know what think about it my naighbors. I was using my airbrush till 23:30. Hope they didn't hear. ;)
And yes, I have finally paint all the red parts. As you see on pic below I'm painting my tanks in spares. Usually people glue tank spares together and then paint the whole model. Before I started to paint I was thinking about it but in the end I decided that 'my way' will be ok. I'll be able to paint all the elementes without any problems.

Working on weathering...
Ok, now I'm able to continue my small weathering tutorial. When paint on all of the elements dry I've started to put off Masquing Fluid, which was appllied after priming with Chaos Black spray.

After taking off (with Blu Tack or similar putty) fluid elements, elements should look like shown on pic below.

I will describe next step probably tomorrow just after I take off all masquing fluid from all of the elements and this could take few minutes. Some may say that black 'metal' looks unnatural, but... it's from 41 Millenium. Personally I don't like the silver base for weathering.

'Almost' Assebled Baal Predator tank.

Long way to the top.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exhaust rusty effect

Hi. Gimiak here.

I don't know what my other buddies from TBB do but it looks that sunny summer took took them to cold water... It looks that I'm the only one who's painting... Shame on you guys!

Anyway I've finally start painting my Baals. After priming with Chaos Black spray I've start painting my rusty effect on engine exhausts. I've change my method a little bit. After prming I start to stipple with Tin Bitz paint...

My next step using the same method was pure Shining Gold.

The last coat was a small amount of Mithril Silver.

It's time for new aproach. When the last layer was dry I've put some Art Masking Fluid (purchased in local art shop). I've used an old car sponge with big slots and start to work with masking fluid.

Masking Fluid dry in seconds but after applying it from the bottle it should looks like this. If you haven't try it, I recommend you to try.

This weathering method is pretty simple and looks very cool. It will take me a couple of days to apply Scab Red... Painting red on black is a horrible.

Stay tuned for more. Totally. ;]

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baals color scheme

Hi, me again. Gimiak.

Yesterday I was looking for some color schemes for my Baal Predators. Below you will find the scheme which I think looks very nice. From today I will start to paint my tanks. I receive few questons about my weathering on CMON and I will prepare a tutorial for you.
It will be a challenge for me to finish three tanks in two weeks, but we will see. Is it a mission impossible? ;)

GW announced last week that in August new Daemon models will arrive and with other members from TBB we have decided to make a small painting competition. Stay tuned for more pics and informations.

Baals in progress

Hi,Gimiak here.

After two weeks I've finally finish cleaning my Baal Predators. Below you'll find their current configuration. I have to drill holes in Heavy Bolters and exhaust pipes but it will take few minutes to do this. Hopefully I could start to paint these guys tomorrow. It all depends on the weather. If there will be hot here, there is no chance that I will finish my job this month. ;/

Stay tuned for more pics in near future.

Ps: Next week I will put some of my old painted minis on ebay. Nothing special, but maybe they could find better home. ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

emperor's champ wip2

Gimiak made some better pics of my champion.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scouting TBB

Hi everybody, I'm Czys.
This is my first post on TBB and it's presenting my first painted minis for my new imperial guard army- scout sentinels. They were made with help of Lolers airbrush. I didn't count the time spent on them, but it took me about 3-4h each.
Thanks for watching, hope that my tabletop isn't too ugly compared to other minis presented on TBB

Monday, July 12, 2010

Space Marine Libriarian on Ebay ^_^

Im selling this guy and if u want to buy him check this link - >> Space Marine Librarian

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi. If you want to buy my sanguinor here's an ebay link:

Friday, July 9, 2010

a little wip from me:)

Hi!. loler's here

few days ago I started painting quite old model, emperor's champion. It was laying around my shelf and wainting for his turn. I decided to go for many freehands like I did on my farseer

anyway, here are few pics

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who's got the Baals?!

Yes, yes, yes it's me again. Gimiak.

This month I'm aiming very high. My plan is to paint three Baal Predators for my BA army. Not an easy task, but I hope for a successful finish. Or at least I will try to push hard.

There is one great Baal, painted by Picster. I recommend to check his other works for more Blood Angels stuff. Great guy with amazing painting skills.

Ok, so now it's time for the worst part - cleaning from molds. I hate to do it but have to do it anyway. Stay tuned for more pics in near future.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Troops of Doom

Hi, Gimiak here.

Last week I've been painting my last Death Company member and backpacks for DC. I finally manage some time to put some pics on the net. I've try few new things - red OSL, different aproach on the Gold etc.

To see more views of them I suggest to check this link: DC on CMON.

Below you can see the whole painted squad leaded by the original Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost. Superb version of the legendary chaplain I will paint after I manage assault squads.