Friday, August 30, 2013

Tau Commander


Holiday time is slowly ending, and I sit down to paint again. For the last time I fought with Commander Tau and decided to finish the project by the end of holiday. Model eventually was painted for the game or the level of TT ++
For the base color (as described earlier) I added a brown oil wash and damage has been also done using oil paints (description available in our tutorials). For contrast and variety to the model I added a modest OSL effect (I'm not an expert in this ), results are visible in the pictures.

Czas wakacji powoli się kończy i mogę znów zasiąść do malowania. Przez ostatni czas walczyłem z komandorem tau i postanowiłem zakończyć ten projekt do końca wakacji. Model docelowo został pomalowany do gry czyli poziom TT++
Do koloru bazowego ( opisanego wcześniej ) dodałem brązowego olejowego washa , a damage został zrobiony również przy pomocy farb olejnych ( opis dostępny w naszych tutorialach). Dla kontrastu i urozmaicenia modelu postanowiłem dodać skromny efekt OSL (  nie jestem w tym mocno doświadczony) rezultad widoczne na zdjęciach.

 The model is for sale if you are interested in buying, click this link eBay.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Holiday = WIP time...

Hi there,
slowly it's getting closer to the end of my summer holiday. Few weeks more of doing nothing until the school starts. Yup, doing real nothing... From the painters point of view holiday sucks. I'm so lazy, I can't even menage to finish one single miniature. Everything is started and even more waiting to be done. I think it's because I got back to my family home and everything here is distracting me, friends, family, going skateboarding, watching TV etc.

This is my temporary paint station.

Few things I've started to assembly here, Space marine Stormtalon, Infinity Asuka Kisaragi and the brown and yellow boxes is the GK Nasca from e2046. When I'm not in the mood of painting I'm taking the tools and doing some relaxing prep work on these.

Two of my minis are close to be done.
Imperial Palace Guard 

Daemonic Kingdom Harbinger of Decay

Thats all for today,
How about your painting progress during holiday?
I hope to finish everything quick and show you the results!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Beware of the Inquisition.

It has been a while since my last post but I'm back and I managed to finish my latest project. It took me two moths to paint this miniature because I didn't have much time to paint. This is a old Rackham model i always wanted to paint and its a shame that this company no longer exists because they had gorgeous models. So here you have some photos.

I'm happy with the effect and I hope you will like him too. If you have any questions and tips feel free to comment.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

GD Germany

I know it's been 10 days since the German Golden Demon but I finally decided to sit down a write my short coverage of the trip:)
First of all, huge thanks to all the people I traveled with. Epic guys, and great friends (Camelson, C'tan, Karol Rudyk, Lan, Zgryd, Piter and our mate Michał). See you guys on Hussar!
Also it was great to meet some painters that earlier I only knew from the internet or that I got to know during the event, or that I've already know before (Skelettet S, Volomir, Jarhead, Michael Bartels, Philip Prinze, Matt Cexwish and many more!)

Ok, but lets start from the very beginning. Our Polish Crew gathered in Poznań. There were 8 of us in total in two cars (no photos of the second car :p)
12 hours later, we arrived at the hotel, tired but happy we're finally there.
Some of us went to sleep, but not Camelson nor Lan. They were finishing their entries for the whole night!
In the morning when we were all ready to head towards Games Day, Lan was doing some finishing touches (around 9 o clock!- GD started at 10:D ).

 Then there was GD... We haven't taken much photos from the event itself. We knew that other people will take pictures of all the entries, so we were just walking and watching stuff.
 And during our lunch I got stung by a wasp :C
 C'tan Getting his Demon.
 Lan again.
A side of Karol that you probably didn't know yet ;D
 Me (first Demon:D)
and third:)

Then we started to pack our miniatures and had a chat with Volomir showing our entreis to each other. You can see his dragon from the scratch on his fan page

Nap time after GD

And some sightseeing. Cologne is a beautiful city with amazing Cathedral. A must see for every one that visits that city.

 Don't know what that is. Some dark powers inprisoned?
some nice Free Hands:D

I know... We're very innovative, probably nobody ever thought of such a fresh idea for a picture there xD

And my Trophies. NOTICE THE PUG IS MOVING (3D TECHNOLOGY) :O :D  Best spent 3euros ever.

You can see the winners next to their entries on Mr Lee Blog

that would be all for now:)

hope you enjoyed it.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finished project - 13 Necron Warriors


It's about time to post something on our blog. Hot temperature (more over 36 Celsius degrees)  didn't help while painting. I've manage to paint my last batch of the Necron Warriors to Necron army. It was my second attempt on so huge group of the same models... The light is near. Till the end of the project I've to paint 'only':
- three Annihilation Barges
- ten Immrtals with Tesla carbines
- eight hereos from hq section.
Only 21 models. In the upcoming week I'll focus all my attention on Kommandos Nob, which I've started last month. I'll also prepare three Barges. Below you can find few pics from warriors pack. Please forgive me low quality of the pics, but they were taken with iPhone.