Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dark Vengence Lord Kranon WIP


I wanted to show you something I was working lately. I'm painting this miniature as a commission and the goal was to paint him very similar to my CSM Aspiring Champion. I experimented a little on his armor but I think now it looks more like silver NMM than black but it’s a cool effect I think. I'm very happy with the scale 75 blood and fire set because with those you can paint very saturated red colors. I will make the cape a little dirty and worn because it’s not suiting for a Chaos Space Marine to have such a nice cape :P. This miniature has much detail and is very challenging but I hope you like ho thing are shaping.

After seeing the photos I think I will correct some parts especially those orgs on his sword. I like making WIP photos so I can look at the miniature from time to time and figure out what to change.

Best regards,

Monday, April 28, 2014

Finished project: Head Honcho (gorkamorka)

Hello World! As planned, my Head Honcho is finished. Today I would like to share some pics of the painted model and also a continuation of my small step by step tutorial. On the second image you will find few digits, recipe how to paint them you can find bellow.
Paints from light to dark. All from GW's range.
01 - yellows - skull white + yriel yellow, yriel yellow, averland sunset (mid tone), averland sunset + snakebite leather, snakebite leather; battle damage - skull white + yriel yellow, mournfang brown
02 - brass (mithril silver, mithril silver + shining gold, shining gold, hashut cooper (mid tone), agrax earthshade; oxyide - temple guard blue, sotek green
03 - silver - mithril silver, boltgun metal (mid tone), agrax earthshade; battle damage - mithril silver, rhinox hide + chaos black
04 - bandage - bleached bone, bleached bone + tallarn flesh, tallarn flesh (mid tone), seraphin sepia
05 - hairs - bleached bone, bleached bone + mournfang brown, mournfang brown (mid tone), fuegan orange, reikland fleshshade
06 - trousers - dhebab stone + charadon granite, charadon granite (mid tone), reikland fleshshade
07 - skin - bleached bone + camo green, camo green, camo green + gretchin green, gretchin green (mid tone), gretchin green + snakebite leather, leviatan purple
08 - mouth: lips - skull white, leviatan purple, camo green, skull white (mid tone); teeth - bleached bone, seraphine sepia, skull white
09 - band - chaos black, skull white + yriel yellow
10 - leather - dhebab stone + skrag brown, skrag brown (mid tone), mournfang brown, coelia greenshade, leviatan purple wash; battle damage - dhebab stone + skrag brown, rhinox hide + chaos black

My question is, was that kind of step by step tutorial useful for you or should I search for another form of presentation?

In the end, I just wanted to say that my upcoming project will be a Ultramarine. Got few models, but I didn't decided which one want to paint first. Thanks for watching.
Gimiak's out.
Ps: You can vote on my mini here:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nurgle Boys

Hello World

By the last time I painted the boys of Nurgle, the target level of TT +
I have fun a little cold and warm tones on armour, this is very interesting experience and I try use it in future on my next models.
At every model we can learn something new this is wonderful.
How you like them ?

Best Regards 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Brush Brothers COMPETITION!

As the number of our Facebook likers grows constantly and we have just reached 1000 likes, we would like to announce little painting competition for you. But first:

Thank you all for being with us!

As for the competition. In short: paint something nice and win many awesome prizes!
For now our sponsors are:

The Rules:
Competition duration: 2 months from the time of acquiring 1000 likes on our Facebook page (that is June, the 19th)

I. Application
1. Participants have to “like” our facebook page;
2. Pictures should be sent to our email address:;
3. Participant can apply one entry in each category (so you can add two models in total);
4. All models from all manufacturers, conversions and own sculptures are allowed;
5. Entries have to be new – never before published on the internet, never awarded with first, second or third place in any competition;
6. We do not permit group works or works made by other people.

II Judging
1. Entries are being judged by jury in the form of The Brush Brothers squad;
2. Entries shall be judged on modelling and painting merits, creativity, originality and overall effect;
3. Judges’ decisions are final.

III Disqualification
1. Entries disqualified are those which are breaking the rules of this competition;
2. Application of group work or work of other painter under own name will cause disqualification of all entries.

IV Categories:

IVa Single model
1. There is no division into SciFi, Fantasy or Historical;
2. Entry should be a single man sized model on foot in 32 mm scale or smaller;

IVb large model
1. There is no division into SciFi, Fantasy or Historical;
2. Entry should be all single models larger than those from category “IVa Singel model” including busts, vehicles, cavalry models (in all scales). The category does not include duels or dioramas;
3. Entry can have more models only in case of vehicles with crew or cavalry models;
4. Models should be based. The only exception can be made for vehicles;

V Announcement of results

After the end of competition time jury will announce the first, second, third place and honorable mentions for both categories on The Brush Brothers site ( and facebook.
We will also make gallery of all entries, it will be updated during the competition, after we receive a new entry.

Have a good fun! Share this news with everybody! And wish you luck!

Czas trwania konkursu: od osiągnięcia 1000 polubień dwa miesiące (19 czerwca). Prace można zgłaszać do samego końca wyznaczonego czasu.


 Zgłaszanie prac:

 1. Prace należy zgłaszać na nasz adres mailowy;

 2. Uczestnik może zgłosić po jednej pracy w obydwóch z wymienionych poniżej kategorii;

 3. Zgłaszane prace nie mogły być wcześniej publikowane lub zdobyć nagrody na konkursach. Zależy nam, aby uczestnicy postarali się i stworzyli coś nowego na konkurs;

 4. Do konkursu dopuszczone jest zgłaszanie modeli wszystkich producentów oraz własnych konwersji lub rzeźb;

 5. Do konkursu nie dopuszczamy prac grupowych oraz prac wykonanych przez inne osoby;

6. Uczestnicy muszą polubić naszą stronę na facebooku.

 Ocena prac:

 1. Ocena zgłoszeń należy do członków jury, czyli ekipy The Brush Brothers;

 2. Decyzje członków jury są ostateczne;

 3. Oceniamy pracę pod względem malarskim, modelarskim, liczą się też kreatywność i oryginalność oraz całkowite wrażenie wywołane pracą.


 1. Dyskwalifikacji podlegają zgłoszenia naruszające regulamin konkursu.

 2. Zgłoszenie pracy cudzej lub zespołowej prowadzi do dyskwalifikacji wszystkich prac danego uczestnika.


 Model pojedynczy:

 1. Do kategorii kwalifikują się modele w skali 32mm lub mniejsze. Nie ma tutaj podziału na Science Fiction, Fantasy lub modele Historyczne.

 2. Zgłoszeniem jest pojedynczy model o rozmiarze porównywalnym z pieszym człowiekiem w skali 32mm lub model mniejszy.

 Duży model:

 1. Wszystkie pojedyncze modele większe od opisanych w kategorii Model pojedynczy oraz popiersia, modele maszyn, potworów (nie wliczamy tutaj jednak dioram oraz dueli).

 2. Zgłoszona praca może zawierać więcej modeli tylko w przypadku, gdy jest to wymuszone specyfiką zgłoszenia (np. pojazd i załoga).

 3. Wszystkie modele powinny być umieszczone na wykończonej podstawce i jedynie w wypadku pojazdów dopuszczane będę pewne odstępstwa od tej reguły.

 Ogłoszenie wyników:

 Po upływie terminu zgłaszania prac jury wybierze najlepsze prace, które zdobyły pierwsze, drugie oraz trzecie miejsce w każdej kategorii. Wybrane zostaną również wyróżnienia. Galerię z wszystkimi nadesłanym pracami będziemy tworzyć na bieżąco.

Ekipa The Brush Brothers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Head Honcho - wip pics 1.0

Hello World. Today I would like to show you my first Head Honcho wip pics. Around Wednesday I'll show you few more pics. Hope you like it. Skin is only painted to the mid tones, so expect more in near future.
Gimiak's out!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finished project: Death Korps of Krieg Commissar

Hello World. Death Korps of Krieg Commissar is finally finished. Please enjoy my work. Color on the cloaths didn't suit me, so I've decided to repaint it with Charadon Granite. I must admit that it was my first time when I was painting Imperial Guard model. In a near future I may paint something more. I'm thinking about a regular Commissar (with plasma pistol and power sword) and a Leman Russ. In the upcoming week, in the wait for Horus and Web Exclusive Space Marine I'll paint Head Honcho. Feel free to leave comments below.
Ps: This miniature is for sale, you can check my auctions at:
Ps2: I've also put for sale Garagrim Ironfist for a small price.
Gimiak's out.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Painted model: Snikrot

Hello World! Today I would like to share with you with my next completed project. Snikrot. Damn! This miniature is one of my favorite ork miniature ever. He's sneaky, cold blooded and has a cool mask. Hopefully you like it. The last pic is a family portret. Beside Head Honcho and Stone Troll I'll try myself with Horus in near future. Stay tuned. Gimiak's out!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mila Kusanagi 2.0


Yesterday I managed to finish my latest project and it is a Mila Kusanagi miniature from Andrea Miniatures. I painted this as a commission and it is my second take on this sculpt. This time my goal was to make her similar but better. Recently I bought some Scale 75 paints and I wanted to test them on this mini. I must say that the Scale paints are very good in my opinion so I encourage you to test them. I will try to make a review of them in near future. I wanted the armor to be a central piece of this one so the spectator will at first look at it. I hope I have succeeded. The whole miniature was painted with brush but the base was a little airbrushed. Ok here you have some photos. At the end you will see some comparison photos with my earlier version of Mila.

Anny comments are welcome so feel free to tell me what you think about this project.


Monday, April 7, 2014

another infnity tabletop guy

I slowly manage to finish my PanOceania gaming collection. Below you can see another model for my army, the crocman sniper.



Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi all

By the last month I worked on a model of Fulgrim. Starting painting was completely unaware the amount of detail that he has. I spent a lot of time to finish the details of the NMM, which I do not feel good.
  The assumption of the model had nicely presented and catches the eye.

Check out how it looks.

Best Regards