Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year, for the first time I wanted to have a 'sculpted pumpkin' for Halloween. An easy task compering to real 'miniature' sculpting. Anyway I'll post some new pics of my works from two days. I manage to finish my Necron Lord, which in fact was a small experiment, on which I'll write later on. And for yesterday night painting... I started with a small group of three melta gunners for my BA army. Painting speed is quite interesting. I almost finish power armour and backpacks. It's really unusuall for me to paint so much in four hours! I always thought I'm a very slow painter. We'll see. I've a plan to finish these guys till the end of upcoming week. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Necron Lord - further vip

Hi there,

In last two weeks I didn't have enought time to paint or even clean anything. Yesterday it was the first day that I was able to grab brush in my hand and to start painting... something. And this something is Necron Lord. You probably don't see it on those pics but the armour is quite ... unusual. I wanted to achieve a little rusted metal effect, which in fact looks preatty cool on real model. His almost ready. I'll place him on a 60x60mm scenic base with few additional elements. This Friday night I want to finish this project for good. Of course some elements could be painted better but while working on this mini I wanted to practice green OSL and expand my glazing technique. I really hope that on Saturday night I'll be able to start painting my melta gunners from Assault Squad. Models are prepared for painting. I think I really have a desire to paint something... in bloody colors. ;)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

little progress

I made a freehand on my farseer's cape. Wanted to make sth delicate, soft... I'm not sure whether I like it or not.
anyway here's the photoAlso I just bought a 54mm White Wolf from Andrea Miniatures. I think it's amazing model with lot of character and great detailing.
But before I can start painting it I need to finish few other minis:/ Guess I'll start in few weeks or a month...
cheers, loler

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hussar 2010

Hello there.

We spent some quality time on Hussar 2010 as Loloer has already stated. There ware many amazing minis and i had a good time talking to painters I only knew from Chest of Colors forum. I feel obliged to thank all people that made this contest happen and I hope it wont be the last Hussar hehe.
I entered the competition with two minis and the firs was my Nova in Large Model category and second was Galhyan in Single Fantasy. I managed to win two bronze prizes and it was a very big surprise for me so I'm a very happy RED :D.

And here u have a photo of the Bronze statuette because in my opinion its brilliant and its sculptor should have a medal hehe.

And here a photo of Loler, Davi and Hacket speed painting :P

This one needs only 3 paint and he is happy as hell heheh (Loler, Davi seriously painting with 3 colors hehehe)
And me ^_^.

Now with much more energy dediceted for painting im begining my Sanguinor so I see you soon.



Hello! loler's here:)
We're back from Hussar 2010:) and it was great. So many cool minis and dioramas. But what's best is that so many people loving this hobby could meet and talk in one place. We can all converse on forums which is great, but having a chance to talk face to face is really sth amazing.

The organisation was really good. Perfect timing in every aspect and some cool ideas by Warsawteam like painting lessons or speed painting competition- not an ordinary one because everyone could use only 3 random paints!

There were three of us on the event- Redav, DawiZharr and me.
I entered 3 minis: bloodcrusher which I painted for our last TBB competition, emperor's champion and empire standard bearer.
Emperor's champion won bronze in single SF category and standard bearer silver in fantasy single. I'm really happy of how it turned out:)
Redav also won sth but I guess he will write about it soon;)
Here's a photo of my trophies;)
And the winners (photos by chest of colors)Here are more official photos
That's all from me, maybe Redav will write sth more and post some of his photos.
Regards, loler

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The deadline is comming grrrrr !!!

Here u have some new photos of my latest project. Unfortunately the photos are too dark but I will make better ones in time. More to come after this weekend so stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goblin Pot

Hello everybody, it's the first time you can see me on this blog. I've introduced myself in the "About tbb" section. My first contribution to this blog is the Citadel paint pot which I sculpted on, painted and then made a simple diorama for. It's the most enjoyable project I've ever made!     

Additional views can be found here.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

eldrad- another wip

This week was another busy week, unfortunately not becouse of painting:/ I managed to paint most of lower parts of my eldrad and his staff.
also started to work on cape. Still thinking what freehand I'll paint there...
regards, loler

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Galhyan WIP - next painting session results :D

Today I managed to paint all the parts of this model. Things left to do:
- Sword on his back,
- Some cleaning of Golden NMM and others,
- Freehands on cloak and robe,
- Scenic base.

Tomorrow will be new day and lets hope I will have good ideas for those freehands.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Red's project WIP.

After our Bloodcrusher competition it was about time to paint something for the Polish hussar competition. I had many ideas what model should I paint but I decided for this guy because I love the hole Cynwall Elf line and those models are always fun to paint.
The color palette will be limited only to blue, brown and green (my favorite colors hehe).
Expect more WIP's soon :D.


A very good weekend!


Finally. Finally I've finished Reclusiarch for my Blood Angels army. There is 'only' 12 models to paint in my 1500 rooster. I'll push them very hard to finish it this year. Of course it won't be end of painting Blood Angels, oh no! I still have a lot of models to paint, like heros, Sanguinary Guards, Devastators, Tacticals and Dreadnoughts... If you want more views from this guy I recommend to check my CMON gallery - click here for more views of Blood Angels Reclusiarch.

I manage some time to start working on Necron Lord. What you see is the second attempt on green OSL on the chest. I finish the right part but wasn't hapy with end result so I repaint it with boltgun metal and started to work on the other site with different greens. I've to push him harder if I would like to attempt on Hussar 2010 with him.

Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blood tutorial

Hi, long time no see. Here's Czys. I’ve been lazy lately and couldn’t paint anything ;) ,so here I present you blood technic used on my last juggernat (you probably have seen it in Gimiaks post about our little competition. I have to say that this technique was shown me by Loler.

1. After painting the part of your mini which has to have blood on it, you simply put red paint (I used blood red). The best way for it would be to put in rather chaotic manner.

2. Using rather big amount of chesnut ink (or flesh wash) cover surface painted in step 1 and its surroundings. Also here I recommend that it doesn’t have regular shape.

3. Cover parts of the model which you don’t want to get dirty (you’ll understand after reading step 4)

4. In order to obtain effect of splattered blood you have to splash chesnut ink on some kind of paper clip (I’d recommend to use old brush). I couldn’t explain it even in my native language, so I made those photos, I think they are clear enough, if not, don’t hesitate to ask questions in comments.

I don’t recommend you to use mat varnish on it, because it will lose its juicy look.

Friday, October 8, 2010

2 wips

Some more work with my robot:)
Still need to finish few things: hands, legs, and sth he will be holding;) I also made a little teddy bear and started to work on wardrobe. The robot will by standing in some deserted child's room.
I also started to paint the eldar Elrdad. Guess there will be many free hands on his clothing:)

regards, loler:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reclusiarch almost finished


Yesterday I was working very hard with my Reclusiarch, so he's almost complete. For the last two days I've repainted the whole black armour, which wasn't an easy task. For me painting black and red is always difficult. I'm preaty saisfied with end results. I've also repainted backpack flame / smoke. But it doesn't look like I wanted, so if I find time today I'll try to upgrade it. But first I've to make a test run in Photoshop with it. :)

This is my aim. Green flame. ;)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A box full of minis

Hi there,

I think everyone has in his collection models, which may be not related with army or only for display. This is my small box with Dark Angels Ezekiel, IG Primary Psyker, Commisar, SW Lukas the Trickster and many other cool models. Hopefully in 2011 I find time to paint these guys. I decided to paint one not-army-related-mini in every month. That's the plan. We'll see if it will work.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hello. Some time ago I came up with an idea of a little robot standing somewhere trying to understand human... I wont tell anything more right now, just wait for some more progress:)

Blood Crusher on ebay!


Competition is over, so I've put my Blood Crusher on ebay. Now you're able to add him to your collection. Click here to check my auction with Blood Crusher. Additionally you can vote on him on my CMON gallery.


Blood Crushers - pics !

Hi there,

Yes, today you will witness our works from Blood Crushers competition. Click on the image below to see it in larger scale.

Yesterday I was worked on my Reclusiarch. Looking at progress I'm almost sure that this guy will be finished till Friday. In upcomining days I've to work on his armour, because I'm not satisfied with actual result. I've also try something new. You can see OSL on 'hot melta'. I thought that it'll be a cool idea to have a weapon with this effect.

Till next time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

busy, busy, busy...

Hello! Last month I was so busy that I couldnt post stuff:) Most of my free time I was painting bloodcrusher wich will be shown tommorow. But starting from tommorow I'll be back to normal;)

A good weekend

Hi there,

It was a very good weekend. Two nights of painting. Aahhh. :) Below you can see progres on my Reclusiarch. My goal is to finish this guy till Friday. In the upcoming weekend I would like to start working on my small Necron project. All models are cleaned and well prepared for painting.

Additionally we've finish our TBB Blood Crusher competition. I'll post pics of our work tomorrow. I'm just waiting for Loler's and Czys's models to make some good photos.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hussar proposal

Hi there, it's me again. ;)

Inspired by Necron cover art from Dawn of War game I've decided to paint a Necron Lord for the painting contest Hussar 2010. He'll be a part of the diorama on which there will be more Necrons.

My idea behind it is to paint this guy very rusty with a 'quote'. You'll see. ;) Below you can see prepared miniature with IMHO more dynamic 'pose' and a tunned GW pic. In this way I want to go.