Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eldar Jet Biker WIP

Hi. It’s is time to paint my 6 Eldar Jet Bikers because I with them all the time them and they look stupid as man less and grey bikes .
I don’t fancy the old drivers and I converted this one using bits from Eldar Guardians and Dire Avengers. The color scheme will be similar to my Wraithlord with few changes. I’m planning to paint freehands on all Jetbikes. Stay tuned for more.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Rusty gold tutorial

Almost one year ago I've started to collect my SM army. I've an idea to have drop pods instead of the Rhinos. The most important thing was that I wanted to have a 'real' looking pods, which wasn't an easy thing because of the lack of drop pods in real life. There was only one pod in SM codex (White Scars), which looked quite nice, but my idea was to push weathering and battle damage to the next level. With the brush and paints I've started to develop my pods. In this tutorial I'll only write about 'rusty gold' because many people ask me how have I done it.

I've used following paints and brushes:
Chaos Black Spray
Scorched Brown
Shining Gold
Mithril Silver
Devlan Mud Wash
Badab Black Wash

Citadel Large Brush
Citadel Drybrush Medium

All products came from Games Workshop range. Of course you could paint it with Vallejo etc. It's up to you. :)

In one of the GW books there was introduction to the stipping method and looking at my effect I must admit that it's the same method. I've prepared this tutorial while painting my Razorbacks, but the method could be adapted to any model. Especially for tanks and pods. ;)

After the basecoating with Chaos Black spray I've mix Shining Gold and Scorched Brown 1:1 and cover the whole area. Large Brush was used. Next step is to give two coats of Devlan Mud Wash on the entire area. On the bottom of the elements and in all recesses you can also put some Badab Black wash.

When all of the washes dry we can go further with our painting. Now the entire process will go very fast. Take a little bit of Shining Gold paint on Medium Drybrush brush and leave almost all of the paint on the paper. Instead you can just drybrush the paint on the paper. Same method.

When you got almost dry brush start to stipple paint on the element. Leave some space of the clear area to achieve good looking finished effect.

Next step is mix Shining Gold with Mithril Silver 3:1 and follow the same steps written before. One important difference is to begin painting with this mix at the half of the painted element and follow in the upper section.

If you like the effect you can stop here, but if you would like to give more contrast you can stipple pure Mithril Silver.

And that's it.


In some of the cases it's good to add stains. In real life it looks pretty cool on the model. ;) Look for recesses and bolts and vertically paint stains. Below you will find effect of my work while I was painting Land Raider Crusader /Reedemer.

To achieve this effect I've used following washes (in order of painting). All from the Games Workshop range.
Gryphonne Sepia
Ogryn Flesh
Devlan Mud
Badab Black

That's all from me. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english. I hope that this tutorial will help people to achive similar of better 'rusty' effect.

A good weekend

Hi. Gimiak here. Again.

Since the born of my son I've less time to paint my minis, but this was a very good weekend. I manage my time to finish my forth Death Company member plus I almost finished bases for D.C. This week I'll try to finish the last guy from the squad so stay tuned! ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Death Company member finished

Hi, Gimiak here.

I finally manage some time to paint another member of my Death Company. There's only two left and the whole squad of ten men will be completed. I'll try to finish these guys till the end of the month.

During painting of this miniature I've try few new things. One of them, on which I'm very proud of, is the parchment on the left shoulder pad and purity seal. Below you will find paints which I have used to paint it.

The whole model was painted with 1:1 mix of the Chaos Black and Regal Blue. Then on the parchment I've used Dheneb Stone Citadel Foundation paint. Afterwards in the recesses I've put watered down Khemri Brown Citadel Foundation paint to give the evect of the shadow. The last two coats (highlights) was: Bleached Bone and Skull White. That's al for today. ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

III Spotkanie hobbystyczne - tak było...


W dniu wczorajszym w Izbie Rzemieślniczej w Opolu odbyło się zapowiadane jakiś czas temu III Spotkanie hobbystyczne. Grupa malarska, jak widać na poniższych zdjęciach, niezbyt liczna, ale od czegoś trzeba zacząć. Osób miało być więcej, ale być może sesja uniemożliwiła im dotarcie. ;)

W następnym miesiącu robimy kolejne podejście.

Osoby zainteresowane malowaniem lub graniem (M:TG, WFB, WH40K,...) zapraszamy do kontaktu. W weekendy do dyspozycji mamy salę w Izbie całkowicie za darmo. Tymczasem.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blood Angels Librarian has arrived ^_^


Yesterday I have finished my latest project. It was a mini I bought because I wanted to collect Space Marines but Eldar are to much fun to play and this guy is the only thing that I have from that attempt hehe. I had much fun painting him but much more fun in modeling the base. The wooden base was bought in Casto as a peace of a stairway and the razor wire was hand made. I hope u like him.

This mini was painted with an intention to sell him on Ebay so stay tuned for an auction.

Any comments are welcome and be sure to look and him on my CoMoN gallery for more photos.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blood Angels Librarian - almost finished WIP


I managed to paint my Space Marine Librarian and I had a lot of fun painting him. I practiced painting metallic and there ware many experiments hehe. Tomorrow I will make a display base with a socket and this guy will be complete. This Sunday I will make better photos of the finished miniature so stay tuned.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eldar Wraitlord - Finished ^_^

Hi. At last I'm back from my voyages. I managed to finish a second Wraithlord for my Eldar a while ago. I had a big problem with GW's Purity seal because I overdone it but u learn from your mistakes.

I visit Gimiak and make some better photos so u can see more of this guy. I hope u like him.

Next up is a Space Marine Librarian so stay tuned ^_^.

Monday, June 14, 2010

III Spotkanie hobbystyczne

Witam, Gimiak z tej strony. Tym razem dla odmiany napiszę coś po polsku. ;)

W dniu 20 czerwca organizujemy III spotkanie hobbystyczne, na które serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich lubiących malować, modelować (...). Startujemy o 9:00 w Izbie Rzemieślniczej w Opolu, przy ulicy Katowickiej 55.

Prosimy o zabranie:
- modelu/modeli do pomalowania
- farb
- pędzli.

Na miejscu dostępne będą kubki z wodą do farb, gazety oraz różnego rodzaju posypki (trawa elektrostatyczna, kłaczki, a także piasek i kamienie). Oprócz tego dostępny będzie aerograf - idealna okazja aby nałożyć dobrą podstawę pod Twoje pojazdy!

A wszystko to totalnie za darmo!

Dodatkowo na miejscu przejrzeć będzie można White Dwarfy z ciekawymi poradnikami oraz książki z serii How to Paint...

W razie problemów ze znalezieniem miejsca lub w przypadku jakichkolwiek pytań proszę o kontakt: 602 350 127.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

After watching spider men few months ago I thought I'd like to sculpt sth simillar to venom. I beggined to sculpt but then I had a few months break;)
today I found that old wip and thought I may finish it:)
Here's how it looks right now

A nice Sunday morning

Hi, Gimiak here

My seventh member for the ten-men-squad have been painted today morning. Base and back pack will be added after I finish the rest of the guys. It goes very, very slowly. Unfortunately I don't have enought time to paint after my regular job. Furthermore after 4p.m. it's very hot in my flat... I'm only hoping that I'll be able to finish my squad till end of the June. Next month is Baal time! Three tanks at-once. This will be a very good challenge. ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rusty gold tutorial in progress

Gimiak's here... again.

Some time ago I've put info on some of the polish and german forums about another tutorial. Rusty gold tutorial is almost complete, so expect it in near future.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sanguinor (finished) :)

Hi, loler's here;)
Just finished my sanguinor. Lot of fun during painting it. In few days I'll post pics made by Gimiak (better than mine I hope :P )

(click the photo, to see a large pic)

So... What do you think about it??

Grim discovery... in local hobby store

Hi folks,

Last week I've visit local store in Opole and I've discovered Blood Angels Honour Guard box. I wasn't sure about the contains, but I've purchased it anyway. It's almost a regular Assault Squad with few metal parts:
- techmarine body + right head + head
- apothecary / sanguinary priest
- banner
- sergeant head and power weapon
- plasma gun.

Price was low so I'm very satisfied with my latest purchase. They also got Baal's (first and second edition) but the new model looks totally superb.

Nowadays the first Baal looks a little bit... trashy. Maybe in the future I will buy it, but it isn't on my list of priorities.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magnetised Assault Squads...

Gimiak here, again...
The last two weeks I didn't post anything because of my vacational trip. During that time I was unable to paint anything. Unfortunately.
I've started cleaning my three assault squads for my Blood Angels army. Some time ago I purchased small (3x1 mm) magnets for my shop and I've used them on my models. I love to paint but 6 assault squads, even for me, is a hard cookie. Therefore I decided to make three squads with option to switch backpacks to jump packs. Two small magnets works great and are able to hold those packs.

Additionally thanks to new kits I was able to create totally unique assault squads. Below you will find one of the sergeants with very 'hot' pistol, power fist and jump pack from Sanguinary Guards. These jump packs look pretty cool without wings.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Second attempt on Death Company

Hi, Gimiak's here.

I made a small break during my painting session with Lizardmen Skinks and started with second fifth of my Death Company. I have used airbrush to paint the first layer (Chaos Black and Regal Blue 1:1 mix). It's still in the initial phase, but I'm really satisfied with result which I have achieved.