Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I made some touch ups, like glowing eyes effect on this guy, and took better photos:)
if you want to buy this little dead fella then check out this link



  Tomorrow I'll try to post my first 54mm miniature:) quite happy how it turned out;)



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Model Show, Wrocław 2012

Last week me and Czys were at Model Show in Wrocław. It was mostly a historical competition with more than 280 entries in almost 30 categories. There was competition for seniors, younger painters (>16 years old) and the youngest (for children like 5 years old:). It surprised me when I saw that so many young modelers are out there, it definietely shows that our hobby is safe:)
During the event there were some tutorials on how to paint with airbrush, how to use pigments and some more techniques. Also you had a chance to take part in a course to become a modeling judge.
Of course there was also a shoping room, with hundrets of different models, paints and all the great stuff that we like:) I bought a 1:35 soviet tank model and box of soldiers to assist it;) Next year I'll enter a mini diorama with them.
This event has shown me the part of this hobby that was unknown for me. Historic models are great, but so different than wargames miniatures. Definietely I want to try myself this side of hobby.

As for this years Model Show me and Czys entered the Sci-fi category. I was lucky enough to get gold and Czys won silver:)

I took some photos, unfortunately not really good but I'll show them anyway:D

And here are some photos not taken by me :D


And my photos:
(click to enlarge)

that would be all:)
hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Painting new brood of xenos


Releasing Tyranid Tervigon model motivated me to begin working on my small tyranids brood. Due to the huge amount of small creatures I've decided to use airbrush. I'm not a skilled warrior with airbush so it will be also a challenge for me to try something new. And maybe develop some new skills with this device. I know that the quality of the whole army will not be superb but IMHO it will look good on the battlefield painted a little bit above TT standard. Check the pics inside. More bugs in near future. I'll explain used color theme in the next article.

Thursday, April 5, 2012



As I promised last time, some new photos of my newest infinity model- Nisse with sniper rifle.




Monday, April 2, 2012

JMD dude wip

an early wip of my first 54mm mini:)
Not much done, but I wanted to show that I'm working on sth and I'm not dead yet:)Lots of work to be done here:/ . As for the base I'll make the same as it's on the box of the mini

Want to finish him for Model Show (April, 15th) in Wrocław, Poland. Seems like a lot of time, let's see if I can handle that:)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

PanOceanian spec ops


It's been some time since I posted sth here. During this time I was busy with some other than painting stuff... But now I'm back and have some new Infinity mini painted as always for my army.

The model is Bagh Mari commando with HMG from PanOceania fraction.

Later this week U will be able to see some of my other minis from this game (if I'll manage to paint them...)