Friday, January 28, 2011

Ride of the Valkyries


I finally finished painting this flying junk.

Hope it isn't too bad.



Death Company Dreadnought - painting idea


From the first time I saw new DC Dreadnought I got an idea on how to paint him. New model look gorgeous in my humble opinion. Before official release on GW website I didn't like it, especially Librarian dread. But looking at the sprues I have to admit - they look really, really great! Yesterday I was looking at GW painting scheme on their website and I put my ideas with small use of Photoshop. Below you will find my sheme, which I will try to achive while painting of the dreads.

What do you think about new Dreadnought kit?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Further work on Feral Orks

Hi there,

From the begining of this week I have an earache, so after work I didn't have energy left to paint or even clean / model my Feral Orks. Until yesterday. I search throught my bitz box for some 'ideas', which could be applied on my boars. I take Flamer tank from Cadian Shock Troops and glued to the boar. Today I will scratch off skulls from it and put some ork glymphs created from plasticard. On the other side I glued twin-linked dakka guns, as described in codex. These boars will not have symmetry, but for me that's not a problem. Now what's bothers me is the exhausts. I have to put them somehow different and find a better idea than my first thoughts. I'll also give these animals some pipes here and there, just to create an image that this animal is well connected with eachother.



Monday, January 24, 2011

After weekend thoughts - where the hell is my head?


This was a good weekend for my hobby. I spend around 7 - 8 hours on painting my assault squads. I almost complete bodies and bases. As my motivation drop down after preparing shades for six of them I've decided to paint only three models at once. And it was a good decision. I'll come back to them on Wednesday.

Additionally I manage some time to come back to my small ork warband. From the first fifth of boar riders I've cleaned and glued three of them. I've also search and try to adopt some ideas on how this wild guys should look like in 40th Millenium. I gave one of the boars engine exhausts from bikers, but IMHO it doesn't look cool and ork'ish. So this one model will be an experimental pig... I mean boar. ;)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

some space marines...

Said I would post this few days ago but I wanted to finish few parts here and didnt really have time again
Those are still wip, most of the work is finished but I'll have to do sth here and there.
There are 3 marines to do: plasma gunner (the last head is for him:) ), champion (with power sword and storm shield) and dude with banner (some freehands, yay ;D )


Friday, January 21, 2011

Blood Angels Librarian finally painted


On Wednesday I've finally finish my Bloody Librarian. Unfortunately I didn't find enought amount of time to put a post on our blog. Below you can see him. I also make one picture compering to my former painting - Terminator Librarian from Space Hulk. With this mini I've chenged my color palette from regal blue (Term. Libr.) to Ultramarines Blue (libr.). If you got any questions or comments, feel free and write them. Now I'm finally working on my Assault Squads.

Few days GW put Stormraven Gunship and Furioso Dreadnought to advance order. Finally! Both kits look amazing! There is also an option to look at Stormraven in 360 degree. It looks pretty minialistic and not so bulky. I think I'll have a lot of fun painting them. Yes, them. I'm planning to paint two models at once. One in my darker color scheme, and one in typical Blood Angels color scheme.

As for the Dreadnought kit, I've also an idea on how to paint one Librarian Drednought. One regular Dreadnought is also waiting for my in a box of 'cleaned and prepared models'. So I'll work on them after I finish flayers.

Stay tuned for more.

Ps: I've shot few pictures of my army, so I will put new pics of it in a couple of days. :D


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Laying the Foundation - Eldar Jet Bikers work in Progress


Some time ago I started painting some Jet Bikers for my eldar army. I painted 4 bikes but only 2 drivers. The time has come to finish the hole squad and paint more models for my army because I haven’t done it for a while.

I converted 2 drivers from Eldar Guardian and Dire Avenger parts because the old ones have identical poses. I left two old ones because I want some old school elements in my army and they will drive Shreeker Jet Bikes. As for the last bikes I chopped their Shuriken Catapults and added Shuriken Cannons so they will by my heavy weapon specialists. Here you can see the results.

As for the colors I’m playing biel-tan themed army so they should be white and green but I don’t like white and I wanted them to bee a little bit darker so I swapped White for Grey. Today I managed to paint only the base collors but toomorow I will start working on them so I hope to finish them quick.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

had some free time:)

In last few days I had some time to paint some stuff. Every day is getting longer which is great for me, becouse I don't like painting with artificial light. I'm really happy becouse of that:)
I even planned what to paint in next few months;)! Guess it's end of "no motivation time" for me... for now;)
Tommorow I'll try to post some pics of what I'm working at the moment (space marines squad). I chose a scheme I did here (it's an old paintjob of mine). I was inspired here by Automaton's marine painted long time ago;)
From now on I'll be posting more;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Halfling Bowman

A while ago I managed to paint this model for Chest of Colors mini exchange but when I showed him to my brother he wanted to have him because it was his first model he bought so I must paint another mini hehe.

On this miniature I made my attempt to paint some texture effects on his shirt, hat and hair on forearms. It was a grate model to paint and a very classic one and I’m hoping to paint more classic models because they are cool.

You can find more photos of this guy here

Now I’m painting my miniature for Chest of Colors mini exchange so I will post him tomorrow if I manage to finish him.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy bee, busy bee... and a busy weekend

Uff... another weekend has pass away. My librarian is almost finished, so in this week I'll work with on my assault squads. I decided to make it hardcore and paint six models at once. This will be a great challenge for me. Some time ago I've painted five Death Company models and it wasn't an easy task to finish them 'quickly'. The problem is motivation, I think. Looking at my lazy speed I'm almost sure that I will work on them till the end of January. Or even better... That's pity. Sometimes I wish that I could paint faster... Unfortunately I'm unable to do this.

In a couple of days Stormraven will be available for advance order on GW site, so I'll study plastic frames and prepare myself mentally. I've decided to paint two models at once. One in a typical Blood Angels color scheme and one in my darker red scheme. Few days ago I spoke with one of the polish GW distributors, their worker actually, and he sad that in February there will be more than two products in Blood Angels second wave. I'm really looking forward for a new plastic kit... like Honour Guard. ;)

That's all from me for now.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Urien- finally finished

Done. Im tired after painting this guy, and so happy it's finally finished! At the begining it was pleasure to paint but then I started to get bored, don't know why really, but I just did.
I'm happy with few parts (like robe) but unsatisfied with many others like those worms (?) under his feet.
Anyway, here's a photo
and some more pics

What do you think about it?
cheers! loler

Boooring post


in his last post Gimiak said something that touched my painters soul- I heven't posted anything creative here since... last year ;)

So today I'll let you know what I'm planning on painting this years Q1:

-finish my Valkyrie, which I started somewhere in summer...

-finish 2 chaos ogres and chaos standard bearer, which I started few months ago

-finish space wolves rune priest, I started also some time ago...

-finish all tanks for my IG force, I started a month ago, or something like that

-convert and paint chaos (dwarves) warshrine

As you can see, I have a lot of things to finish and almost nothing new to start. I can only hope that I'll menage to do it all, because I'm really lazy.



Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to lose few bucks...


Not exactly lose but... Let me tell you something. Few days ago without hasitation I've purchased last two issues of the famous White Dwarf magazine. Till that day I was purchasing WH each month since... I don't two or maybe three years. Additionally I've buy few issues with how-to-paint articles 101. I never think of myself as a good painter and I was looking for inspiration, advice etc. in that kind of articles. I think they help me develop my skills a little bit. Of course I would like to paint better and I will force myself to work on that but these kind of materials could help people. Even these books from GW range "How to paint..." are a good, maybe a little bit to expensive, materials to learn new stuff. 'Painting clinic' or whatever they called are the most value resorces for me. In the last two White Dwarfs, for the first time, there is nothing good for me. Sorry, I'm not a Skaven player and all the new minis could be seen on GW website. Their battle reports... now that's a good joke. I really don't want to lose my free time reading this. There is a little bit of the Dark Eldar, which is logic to me, because it's almost a new army and they have to promote it well.

So IMHO if you are not a fanatical Skaven and Dark Eldar player you can spend your money on something else, like new figure or evan paint. This was the last time I purchase a White Dwarf without deeply looking inside. Probably I will purchase February's issue becose of the Blood Angels second wave. But before I will check if it's worthy to buy it. I don't want to be dissapointed again.

It's almost 2:45 a.m. I'm sitting in front of my painting desk and looking at my librarian. I've painted him for couple hours and he's finally started to look better. I've some ideas about the base for him, so maybe I will finish him... tomorrow. Hm... maybe not. I still have to prepare a backpack for him. The one from the blister was poor - regular backpack from tactical marines.

Ok, that's all from me for now. Stay tuned for more in near future. Hopefully Redav and Czys will reactivate themselves.


bad days for my hobby;/

lately there were really hard times for my hobby. No time for painting and, what's worse, no motivation. I almost finished my Urien, just an hour or so to go. But I somehow cant get myself to finish it. This weekend I'll try my best.
After finishing Urien I'm planning to paint old Confrontation Prowler. Great model, I think, quite hard to get nowadays. I got it from a friend of mine. And with help of REDAV I can paint this guy (he romoved the old paint. thx mate ;) )
I hope I will be able to post some more stuff, so stay tuned for more
regards, loler

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Evil Moonz


Ok, in December I've decided to collect a small warband of Orks for Wh40K. I've already cleaned and glued Nobz and Stormboyz. On Sunday I manage some time and I've cleaned and put together Stormboyz leader - Zagstruk. I'll use him as a regular Nob with power klaw. Really great model. A huge one.

I know that Storboyz aren't actually the best option in Orks arsenal but I like their models.
Next pack of characters, Nobz mob. I've decided to put two Nobz mobs in my warband - five from the Nobz box and five from Assault on the Black Reach. In February (or so) I will purchase a Trukk or Battlewagon for them as a dedicated transport.

My second Nobz mob will be warbikers... ehmm actually boar riders lead by powerful warboss - Gorbad Ironclaw. I'm still not sure where to put these dakka guns. This is one from my options.

Right now I'm slowly cleaning my boar mob. My goal is to have a fast and angry mob of orks not related with any of current clans. In March GW will be releasing new O&G models and looking at rumors I will be very happy when they release Savage Orcs in plastic. If they do so I'll buy few boxes to create a regular feral ork mob. ;]


Monday, January 3, 2011

Another boring post - further Librian wip


2011. Hopefully you are well prepared for new year. After New Year's party it was very hard for me to paint anything, but I manage some energy and sit back to my librarian. His holding book left arm is almost finished, I only have to paint a grail on one of the pages, which I will do this on Wednesday. Below you can see actual status.

Tomorrow I'll put some pics of my upcoming Orks army for Warhammer 40,000.