Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coolmini annual 2009


Cool mini or not lately printed its 2009 Annual. We are proud to inform you that our brothers have there their minis. Loler has 2, Gimiak and Redav one. Good job guys and keep on with the awesome work!.

And here you can see full list of artists that were favoured by CMoN:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eldar Guardian Defenders - WIP


It has been a long time since I posted something, but now I started to paint my Eldar Guardians. I wanted them to my army so I changed the standard Biel Tan scheme and swapped white with grey. My goal is to paint them on the same level as my Jet Bikers and I hope they will look ok. Here you can see some photos of the progress I made so far.

On those guys I managed to paint some NMM's but there is still some work to be done.

And here it the rest of my 10 strong squad. As you can see I managed to paint the armor plates and their suits. The next step is to paint weapons and some small NMM details.

I will try to finish them and the weapon platform this week because the Grey Knight release date is close and I want to start working on my Terminator next week so I could make a step by step tutorial on him.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dark Eldar Succubus

Hi. I started to paint a succubus. it's very early wip. The cast was really bad, with lots of defect, but after cleaning up and repairing, it turned out to be cool model in my opinion.cheers! loler

Friday, March 25, 2011

green space marine- finished painting

Only a base to make:) Will finish it tomorrow.

Also I started to work on a dark eldar sucubus. The cast is so poor! thousands of mould lines and defects;/ I was very dissapointed with it:( but I'm happy I've cleaned it and that the fun part is about to happen;)
cheers! loler

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Angels (Death Company) Dreadnought step by step - part 1

Welcome again,

With today's post I'll start new step by step tutorial. This time on the painting table are two models - Death Company Dreadnought and a regular Blood Angels Dreadnought. I hope that I'll find enought time to prepare this tutorial with day to day basis. Todays step is common for both dreadnoughts. In next step I'll probably divide my tutorial in two separete guidelines. We'll see.

Ok, now to painting. After cleaning and assembling I've basecoat the whole area with Chaos Black spray. Next using the same method of 'rusting', which was shown on Stormraven Gunship log I've applied layer of a Boltgun Metal paint. Then using stipple method I've applye watered down Dark Flesh, Vermin Brown and Blazing Orange. Unfortunatelly I'm unable to provide you with solid images, beside these published in SRG log.

Next I've stipple Boltgun metal paint on the whole area using citadel large brush.

With Badab Black wash I've shaded all recesses.

Last layer was a highlight of Mithril Silver on the 'top' edges.

That's all for the first step. Legs for both dreadnoughts were painted the same way. I promise that next steps will have images from each step. If you got any questions, comments feel free to write them at the bottom in comment section. :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stormraven Gunship - almost completed but still wip


Today I want to show you some progress with my Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship. I know that I should start with new painting tutorial, but you have to give me a credit. I'm sharing with you yesterday taken pictures from weapon option for SRG. It's taking me ages to paint this beast... I really admire people who are able to paint nice and fast. I'm a horrible snaily painter.

As for SRG weapon options, I've attched small (3x1 mm) magnets on each weapon so all options are available.

Today I'll try to finish my flayer and hopefully use him on gaming table in near future. Tomorrow I'm starting with new tutorial - painting dreadnought legs. First step will be the same for the DC and regular Dreadnought. I'll try to put less battle damage on them.


Monday, March 21, 2011

green space marine

Last weekend I've been painting this green space marine for a local painting competition.
I wanted to make some cool contrast.
There will be so gentle battle damage:)
hope you like itcheers! loler

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick note

Hi there,

Within last week I was unable to find a minute for my hobby due to some other tasks. Unfortunatelly. :( This weekend I've made a progress in my Stormraven Gunship. Tomorrow or on Tuesday, depending on my time, I'll show you something interessting.

As for the future of TBB and me... You know, last article - this step by step tutorial - open my eyes for something... That was a good way. In a near future I'll prepare few similar tutorials. Right now I'm working on three - Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Angels Dreadnought and Blood Angels Assault Squad. I'll start my tutorials from Tuesday. Visit our site around 10 a.m (local time / polish area).

Additionally in the next month we're organizing Grey Knight painting competition. If you would like to know more and... maybe participate, please check this post for more information.

TBB crew will also paint GK Terminators, but we'll not put our works in survey gallery of finished modells. Each of us will paint GK in different method and after our competition ends, we will provide you with new tutorials with instruction how have we painted our models. Is that ok for you? ;)
Ps: sorry for my bad English. I should stop painting and start learning English language. Again. ;)

Grey Knight painting competition

This post will be edited on the day-to-day basis. If you got any comments or ideas to our GK painting contest, please write them down.

We would like to invite you to our Grey Knight painting competition,

0. Competition lasts between 3rd of April and 30th of April;
1. You may enter only models of Grey Knight in Terminator armour. It may be also a mini from older edition, or a character in terminator armour (Brother Stern, Kaldor Draigo, etc). Conversions are allowable;
2. Miniature must be prepared on 40 mm base. It is allowed to put this base onto plinth;
3. You should send at least 1 photo of mini before painting and one after. Maximum number of pictures is 10, each should be sent as separate file (not merged into collage). The idea is to paint mini during the competition, not before it. As a subject of email please type your nickname or real name and surname + add “GK comp”;
4. Figurine doesn’t have to be painted in official Grey Knight colour scheme;
5. Pictures sent in time will be published at 1st May on
6. Voting will be set between 2nd and 8th of May (as a survey or in comments);
7. Winner will be announced 10th of May;
8. One participant may post only one miniature, which he has painted and converted. It is not allowed to post work done by friend/family/whoever else.

Send photos to:

First prize is Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight sponsored by Fireant (

Depending on the number of participants we foresee prizes which will be given randomly to some of participants.

TBB crew

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Facebook invades

We are lunching TBB fansite on facebook, you will find there latest updates on our blog and maybe sth more ;-)
Here's the url:
Later we should add here "like button".
Thanks for reading and liking!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part eight


Today is the last post from my little tutorial. I'll focus only on the base. On the beginning I wanted to create a snow covered base, but unfortunately I wasn't able to locate my can with snow. I even couldn't my Vallejo 'Snow and Foam' bottle.

I've started with Milliput Superfine White putty. Very nice medium. I use it on many bases on my models. Usually I take small elements, but this time I wanted a really big 'rock'. Milliput dries in around 3 hours. After that period I've attached it to a 40mm base with super glue and prime it with Chaos Black Spray.

Usually on this step I take Graveyard Earth paint and paint the whole base with it. This time I've taken Charadon Granite foundation paint.

Next step was small drybrush with Dark Flesh and Vermin Brown paints.

Then I've drybrush my stone with Codex Grey paint, Fortress Grey paint and Skull White paint.

Plastic base was painted with Graveyard Earth paint. After attaching my Space Wolvie I've added Heki static grass.

I've used 3mm/20g winter HEKI 3355 and 5mm dark green HEKI 3369 static grass.

And that's all for this little guy. Of course I could work more on him, but I've to go back to my Blood Angels. If you got any questions and / or comments, please write them below.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 666 in advance order and competition

Hello world,

Well, well, well... Today GW show new Grey Knight models to the whole world. Damn you GW! Models look totally awesome! Even Dreadknight, which was a tawdry for me looks great! Last summer I purchased a "backpack" for my little son, who's been carried in front of me almost the same way as Dreadknight operator. Hehe. As a painter, gamer and collector I must admit that Grey Knights will be my second / third army which I will collect and paint. Yes, yes... more painting, more pleasure. ;)

An important question for our daily readers

We're thinking about Grey Knight competition. The options are: Terminator or so called Hero. Right now we haven't decided if we're going to paint one terminator from the new plastic kit or a regular hero in blister (Stern, Draigo etc). Would you like to participate in our competition? If yes, what would you like to paint (termie or hero)?

We look forward to hearing from you. Our competition is not about awards and fame! It's just about pure pleasure which flows from painting.

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part seven


Welcome to my next-to-last part of painting Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator diary. Today I'll show you how have I painted this tough guy's head. Head was primed with Skull White spray. On the beginning I've painted his neck with several watered down coats of Hawk Turquise paint, which was shaded with watered down Badab Black wash and highlighted with Ice Blue Paint on the top edges.

Next I've decided to paint hairs. I've got two options - red or blond. As this mini is an expirement for me I've decided for blond. I've start with watered down Bronzed Flash paint.

I've shaded hairs with Snakebite Leather and highlighted it mix of Bronzed Flash and Bleached Bone paint.

Last coat was a mix of Skull White and Bleached Bone painterd on the top elements.

As fot the skin I follow my standard painting-face-method, based on White Dwarf's article 'how to paint faces part one' (which is available via GW website). I've begun with Tallarn Flesh foundation paint.

Next I put two coats of shading. First one was watered down Dark flesh paint painted in recesses and after that I've used watered down Leviatan Purple wash.

Then I've started with highlighting. On the beginning I add small drops of Bleached Bone and Fortress Grey to Tallarn Flesh, and then I've started to add more and more Bleached Bone paint.

The eyes were painted on Skull White background. Eyeballs were painted with pure Chaos Black paint.

Yep, that's it for Today. Tomorrow you will see the last part of my tutorial. So check our blog around 10 a.m. local time.