Friday, March 25, 2011

green space marine- finished painting

Only a base to make:) Will finish it tomorrow.

Also I started to work on a dark eldar sucubus. The cast is so poor! thousands of mould lines and defects;/ I was very dissapointed with it:( but I'm happy I've cleaned it and that the fun part is about to happen;)
cheers! loler


  1. That looks fantastic. You guys are doing amazing work, and I happily own your Sanguinor sold on ebay a few months back :)

    What head is that???

    Finally, I would like to invite you guys to join Dakka Dakka, our community would love to have you! I am MajorTom11 there -

  2. What colors did you use to achive the green?

  3. I used bleached bone as a base. Then I using camo green I started shading. Next shadows were made using various mixes of camo green, bestial brown and dark angels green and lots of glazes of those colors.finally some highlights using skull white+ bleached bone.

  4. This was a space wolves head. It had a long punk hair and a pony tail or sth:) I thought it would cool after removing the hair

  5. You were right! I really like the expression it has, good choice!