Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Angels (Death Company) Dreadnought step by step - part 1

Welcome again,

With today's post I'll start new step by step tutorial. This time on the painting table are two models - Death Company Dreadnought and a regular Blood Angels Dreadnought. I hope that I'll find enought time to prepare this tutorial with day to day basis. Todays step is common for both dreadnoughts. In next step I'll probably divide my tutorial in two separete guidelines. We'll see.

Ok, now to painting. After cleaning and assembling I've basecoat the whole area with Chaos Black spray. Next using the same method of 'rusting', which was shown on Stormraven Gunship log I've applied layer of a Boltgun Metal paint. Then using stipple method I've applye watered down Dark Flesh, Vermin Brown and Blazing Orange. Unfortunatelly I'm unable to provide you with solid images, beside these published in SRG log.

Next I've stipple Boltgun metal paint on the whole area using citadel large brush.

With Badab Black wash I've shaded all recesses.

Last layer was a highlight of Mithril Silver on the 'top' edges.

That's all for the first step. Legs for both dreadnoughts were painted the same way. I promise that next steps will have images from each step. If you got any questions, comments feel free to write them at the bottom in comment section. :)


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  1. Really wonderfull!! I cannot wait to see how it continues.